Readers ask: How Did Newly Found Petroleum Supplies Change The New Nations In Southwest Asia?

What do you think a nation might gain and lose by modernizing?

What do you think a nation might gain and lose by modernizing? Modernizing can create an essential amount of economic stability and power in a small country. The country can lose their control over their culture and traditions, as caused by the increased interaction with other cultures.

How did Southwest Asia change as a result of nationalism quizlet?

30-4-4: How did Southwest Asia change as a result of nationalism? Many territories looked for independence as a result of nationalism. As a result, new independent countries, like Turkey and Iran, were formed. this lead to an economic boom in the countries holding this oil.

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What influence did foreign nations have on China from 1912 to 1938?

Foreign nations had great influence on China from 1912 to 1938. They helped to create unrest, for example giving Japan Germany’s old colonies in China. Japan also caused the Nationalist and Communist to unite for a short period of time.

How did the media influence the Indian independence movement?

How did the media influence the Indian independence movement? The media helped win world-wide support for the Indian independence movement and get the word out about what was happening, especially after an American journalist’s story of British violence after the Salt March.

How did the Treaty of Versailles trigger the May Fourth Movement quizlet?

How did the Treaty of Versailles trigger the May Fourth movement? – Chinese territories that were taken by Germany, from the treaty, were given to Japan instead of China causing outrage in China and triggering the movement.

Why did Iran Turkey India and Saudi Arabia adopt different styles of government?

Compare and contrast the different forms of government adopted by the four nations in this section. India wanted self rule. Turkey modernized greatly similar to India, Iran modernized also but not as much as Turkey, and Saudi-Arabia modernized only to religious limits of Islam and Arab cultural restrictions.

How did Southwest Asia change overall as a result of nationalism?

How did Southwest Asia change as a result of nationalism? The discovery of petroleum led to dramatic economic changes for Southwest Asia. It also increased the attempts of Western nations to dominate the region.

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What new countries were formed in Southwest Asia?

The new countries that formed in Southwest Asia were Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

How did the political boundaries of Southwest Asia change following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, European politicians drew up new borders for Mandates (territories that are between colonies and independent countries). The land was divided up between Great Britain and France. The borders did not take into consideration the different ethnic and religious groups in the region.

Why did the peasants align themselves with the Chinese Communists?

Why did the Chinese peasants align themselves with the Communists rather than the Nationalists? The peasants believed that the leader of the Nationalist party wasn’t improving their lives so they supported the Communists, who i return for their support, gave conquered lands to farmers.

What started the civil war in China?

The war was a fight for legitimacy as the government of China. The war began in April 1927 because of the Northern Expedition (國民革命軍北伐) and mostly ended in 1950. Some people say the war has not ended, but no large battles have started since that year.

What problems did the new Republic of China face quizlet?

What problems did the republic of china face? New national government. lacked military support. New leader caused revolt, after that chaos followered.

Who banned press in India?

Proposed by Lord Lytton, then viceroy of India (governed 1876–80), the act was intended to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of British policies—notably, the opposition that had grown with the outset of the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878–80). The act excluded English-language publications.

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How did the press play an important role in Indian freedom movement?

– The Press was the chief instrument for carrying out the main political tasks i.e. political propaganda, education, and formation and propagation of nationalist ideology to arouse, train, mobilize and consolidate nationalist public opinion.

What was the role of press in the growth of nationalism?

Many Western newspapers and journals also write about the national movements that took place in India. Complete answer: The printing press has played an important role in carrying ideas to the people. Many newspapers fostered the ideas of nationalism, patriotism, justice, liberty, equality etc in the country.