Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Statements Is True Of Population And Population Density In East Asia?

What is the population density of East Asia?

The population density in Eastern Asia is 145 per Km2 (376 people per mi2). 64.3 % of the population is urban (1,078,434,915 people in 2019).

Which area in East Asia has the highest population density?

Population density APAC 2018 by country or region. Macao had the highest population density in 2018 with approximately 20.8 thousand people per square kilometer.

What is the largest and most notorious River for flooding in East Asia?

The Yangtze River in China is the longest river in Asia, the third longest river in the world and the longest river to flow entirely in one country.

What is the largest and most notorious River for flooding in East Asia quizlet?

The Huang He (Yellow River) is the largest and most notorious of these rivers, having changed its course several times in the last two centuries.

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What is the most densely populated country in Southeast Asia?

Indonesia has a total area of 735,358 square miles of land. That said, the population and the total area show us that the population density of Indonesia is about 55 people per square mile. Indonesia accounts for nearly twenty percent of all people who live in the Southeast Asia region of the world.

Which part of Asia has the highest density of population?

The special administrative region of China known as Macau has the density of population of 20.8 thousand people living in per square kilometre area thus becoming the most densely populated area of Asia.

Where is the lowest population density in South Asia?

Bhutan, by comparison, has a low population density of only 14 people per square kilometer.

Who is the longest river of Asia?

Yangtze River, Chinese (Pinyin) Chang Jiang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ch’ang Chiang, longest river in both China and Asia and third longest river in the world, with a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 km).

Is the Yangtze River polluted?

Asia’s longest river is rich in wildlife – but it’s also one of the world’s most polluted waterways.

What country is the fastest growing emitter of greenhouse gases in the world?

1. China. With the world’s largest population and for decades one of the fastest growing economies, China is far and away the world’s top CO2 emitter.

What was the major cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia quizlet?

Terms in this set (47) deforestation, typhoon threats, smoke and air pollution. The main cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia is air pollution created by a combination of urban smog and smoke from forest clearing.

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Which country is most likely to be associated with tin production?

Extractive activities are an important part of the economies of many Asian countries. China, India, Russia, and Indonesia are the continent’s most productive mining economies. These countries extract many of the same minerals. China is the world’s largest producer of aluminum, gold, tin, and coal.