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Travelling in China can be very hard. Beside some strange and different habits like spitting in all places, there is the language issue. I found few to none people in Kunming and Guiyang who spoke English. Yangshuo is a different story. Everyone spoke English in this place and every restaurant had an English language menu card. When you travel two weeks without any English, Yangshuo is definitely a paradise. The bad part of Yangshuo can be the heat and unbearable humidity. Take care which season you go there. I was there in August and it was hard to breathe and be outside.

Yangshuo is a quite small town in the south of China. It is a county that is part of the Guilin city in the Guangxi region. The population of Yangshuo is around 300.000. Yangshuo has gone through some transformation. In the 80’s it was popular with backpackers and in the 90’s more package deal tourists came to visit. It was also the time that Chinese domestic tourism took a run and now there are much more Chinese tourists than foreigners.


Near Yangshuo are some caves to visit. The Silver cave is one of them. Beware that it’s not an easy cave to go through. At some point I had to crawl underneath a slit to get ahead, so wear old clothes which can get dirty. A bit farther we had to walk through water. Although the guide told us that the water wouldn’t be higher than the knees, at some point it was deep till your middle. The cave was quite an adventure unlike caves where you just walk through with your head looking up.yangshuo-rock-climbing-1

Another trip was in a small boat over the river Li. Along the wonderful mystic hills. In one word fantastic. So much better than the cities of Kunming and Guiyang. Especially the one called Moon hill looks wonderful. With caves, rivers, temples and the karst peaks, Yangshuo is surely worth a visit. For more information look here: http://wikitravel.org/en/Yangshuo

If you are interested in teaching English, in this town you can find the office of Owen Buckland. A Chinese organization for whom you could teach English in China. You can easily get in contact there with Buckland. Often they offer accommodation and pay you pocket money too. For more info, look here: http://www.bucklandgroup.org/sub/team.htm

Remember that you are still in China when visiting the country. That means that you can’t speak freely about some topics. Don’t talk about a free Tibet for example or about drugs and more topics. I have experience of phone calls being cut and emails to certain people blocked by probably the authorities. So beware with what you do or say and you will have a great travelling or living in China.

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