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Virus Spreading

Coincidence or not but the renewed virus spreading happened within a week in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Even with closed borders. The virus spreading in Thailand happened because of some Thai women working in a Myanmar luxury hotel with casino. They sneaked illegally back into Thailand to avoid quarantine. In Vietnam it was a flight attendant who broke the rule of self isolation and went to different places after which more people got infected. The flight attendant faces criminal charges. In Cambodia is was the wife of the one at ministry who is boss of all prisons. Therefore she has money and status and avoided quarantine from a foreign trip. Only to infect others in a mall and on her travels to and from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

In all the countries the virus spreading was rapidly under control by strict measures and penalties. In Cambodia they don’t care about privacy rules. They decided to start placing pictures of infected persons in the media. To make it easier for people to see who was infected and if they were near that person and they have to come forward. Also Japan and south Korea have new waves of virus spreading.

Tourism matters

  • According to Google tourist destinations Vietnamese was most searched for in 2020. Places like Cat Ba islands, Da Lat, Sa Pa, Da Nang and Nha Trang scored high. International awards for Vietnam’s tourism status.
  • With huge natural caves and spectacular bays and international scale projects. Luxury resorts make it a destination for foreign politicians and celebrities. Vietnam surpassed China, Thailand, Cambodia and India as Asia’s leading heritage, cultural and culinary destination.
  • In case you have Bangkok on your list to visit, it has at the moment the world’s third worse air because of pollution.  More here Prayut orders pollution crackdown | Bangkok Post: learning
  • Thailand is now open for all tourists but a mandatory 14 days quarantine is one of the rules. Other rules are that you apply for a long term visa at an embassy. Pay that full stay, so you can’t really travel around. Wonder how many tourists that will bring.
  • Cambodian expired tourist visa’s are still legally valid until further notice. In Vietnam only the people who entered the country after March 1st still get free auto-renewal each month.
  • For travel in Bangkok the new Gold line became operational. An automated monorail without driver which runs 1.8 km. It is expected to carry some 42,000 passengers a day. Also Sukhumvit’s BTS Green line has been completed which carries now 132,000 passengers a day and that will increase to some 250k a day.

Other News

  • Thailand started an online liquor sales ban from Dec 7.
  • Remember when you’re a Thai pro democracy activist. Thailand is as good as China in finding and getting rid of you. One of them disappeared from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and has never been heard of ever since.
  • Demonstration in Nepal to reinstate the monarchy keep going on.
  • The new official height of Mt. Everest is 8848.86 meters. That makes it 86 cm higher than it was before.
  • In Saigon, Vietnam, a third walking street has been opened. You have to go all the way to district 10 for it.
  • Covid brought a record hunger in the Philippines, which makes it not a safer destination.
  • Not really news because everybody knew. The ICC found crimes against humanity in the Philippines thanks to Duterte’s crazy war on drugs with death squads.
  • A poll in Japan showed that over 30% Japanese want the Olympics canceled.

More News

  • Three Vietnamese under Forbes top 100 most influential online celebrities.
  • A Laotian woman got caught for sneaking into Thailand illegally. The reason; an appointment for a nose job.
  • The new special Thai 100 baht notes brought confusion. No longer the well-known red color but a similar color as the 1000 baht notes. Gold like color.
  • Because of the restrictions in the region there is an increase of Cambodian bride trafficking to China with Vietnam as transit point.
  • Cambodia exported over 1.5 million bicycles this year. A half million to the US, 360k to Germany, 270k to the UK and 150k to Belgium.
  • South Korea bans anti Pyongyang leaflets.
  • The US treasury has officially labeled Vietnam (and Switzerland) as currency manipulators and placed Thailand on their watchlist. The Vietnamese dong has been undervalued by 4.7%, according to the US.
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