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Direct Bus SR – BKK

Virak Buntham busIn another post on this site we have informed you about possibilities for a direct bus trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok. There are several bus companies to choose from with a price range anywhere between $15 and $25. It depends on which company and what time you want to travel. All in all several factors to take into account. Here more about doing the trip with Virak Buntham.

Virak Buntham

 Virak Buntham officeThis last post is about the bus company Virak Buntham. In other posts we gave you info about Nattakan bus company from BKK to Siem Reap and about the direct bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok. That posts count for this bus company too. Virak Buntham has a few different buses. In this post we give you some info about the option Daybus vs Nightbus. All are comfortable and good regarding the seats, leg space and service. The company picks you up at your hotel in Siem Reap with a small kind of van with three couches of three seats each. In total nine people can be picked up, but with a bit of cooperation of all, it can be one or two more.


 Virak Buntham bus ticketThe question which time to choose depends on some other things too, as also mentioned in the other posts. When you choose the nightbus, you’ll be picked up late evening and you reach the border in the middle of the night when it’s closed. You’ll wait in the parked bus, which stands in front of their office just 5 minutes before the border of Poi Pet with Thailand. Hours in a parked bus with running engine and temperatures at freezing point. It’s all what you prefer. Benefits could be that as soon as the border opens, you enter and might not have long queues yet. When you see the time schedule online of Virak Buntham it shows that trips are mentioning less hours than other schedules. Possibly because of this time that you spend at the border. The nightbus cost you $23.


Virak Buntham bus leg spaceWe haven’t mentioned the daybus of Virak Buntham yet on this site. First you’ll be picked up by the same nine seater as mentioned earlier in this post. Beware, the bus leaves at 8 am and they say they’ll pick you up between 7.30 and 8 am. This can easily be 7 am too, when you’re the first one to be picked up. Something you won’t know.

First you’ll be brought to their office in Siem Reap. Wait there for about 15 minutes till their bus arrives and your ticket and passport will be looked at by staff before you step in and take the seat number you got. One small bottle of water will be given for free. It can be the case that you will go in the luxury red double decks bus. It’s not clear to us yet if Virak Buntham uses the same bus for the same time and route, or that they use them randomly.


Go to ThailandDuring the three hour ride to the border, the bus stops one time for a 10 minutes break. This is a bit tricky because a lady steps in and shouts that everyone must get out of the bus because the driver is going to have his meal. Something not happening, but the same lady owns a souvenir sales point there. That beside coffee and other items. Of course you’re not obliged to buy anything. The lady is quiet unfriendly and charges big prices for anything she sells there. It seems that the company or the driver earns some commission at this break, but we might see it wrong.


Immigration ThailandThe border ritual is the same as in other post about the direct nightbus. The bus stops just 2 minutes walk from Cambodian departure point. You walk with your luggage the 200 meters to the Thai immigration and get yourself through. Then walk out to a parking where the bushost waits for the bus to pick you up. Read also the post about Thai immigration and what can happen there, plus watch the video about it.

The daybus cost only $15 but it takes about two hours longer in total to be at your point of destination. Those two extra hours are spend at the border at Thai immigration. The queues with the daybus are significantly longer than the queues early in the morning when you’re with a nightbus. Take it into account. Another point might be that Virak Buntham stops only at the trainstation in BKK or at Khao San Road, but get that right before you book any bus company. The only thing not going smooth on this trip is Thai immigration, but regarding Virak Buntham, everything goes smooth. A trip worth making.

Video impression

of the bus during the short stop

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