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Underwater World Entry

Pattaya Underwater WorldPattaya has much more to offer than just the beaches and Walking Street, of which you can read in other posts on this site. One of the other places is Underwater World. The ticket price for Underwater World is 500 thb for adults and 300 thb for children with a height between 90 and 130 cm.

Pattaya Underwater WorldChildren smaller than that get free entry. But it’s unclear what happens with children who are high for their age and therefore above the 130 cm. Lets assume that an ID will solve that problem. The opening hours are between 9 am and 6 pm.

Different Zones

  • Pattaya Underwater WorldTouch Pool zone: You will find creations from coastal areas of Thailand which you can touch.
  • Coral Reef zone: Walk through a tunnel and see the colorful fish swim around and over you while you can also see the tropical coral reefs.
  • Open Ocean Zone: See Eagle Rays, Fat Nurse Sharks, Shovel Nose Ray, Black Tip Reef Sharks and Black blotched Rays swimming around and over you.
  • Giant of Siam Zone: Here you see an artificial shipwreck which is a home to some aquatic animals.
  • Jelly Fish Zone: In this zone you will see jellyfish, which are shown in different kinds of light colors.
  • Reptile Zone: Snakes, lizards and other reptiles can be seen here.

Feeding and more

Pattaya Underwater WorldFurther there is a Magic Zone, Sea Turtle bath, Otter Tank, coffee shop and souvenir shop in Underwater World. The 3 tunnels give a great effect and look on the different types of fish swimming around and over you. The feeding times are twice a day. Not all zones have the same feeding time. Some at 10 am and 3 pm, while other zones for example at 10.30 or 11 am and 3.30 pm. Sometimes you can visit special programs like ‘Alive Mermaids’ at Underwater World.

Activities and more

Pattaya Underwater WorldThere are some activities available at Underwater World. One activity is feeding Koi with a milk bottle. Another activity is diving in the tank with the sharks while your friends or family are watching from in the tunnel. The length of the route from start to end is 105 meters. The time that you spend there is up to you. It can be from an hour if you walk fast, to a few hours when you watch the feedings and have a coffee at the end.

Pattaya Underwater WorldThe way to get to Underwater World and for what price depends on which part of Pattaya you come from. The Motorbike taxi’s are not as cheap as the blue pick-up cars that drive around Pattaya and bring you for 20 thb.

Video impression

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