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Asian News – Thailand

  • Thai news about Thai PM who acknowledged that they’re dumping over 40% of rubbish in the ocean. Now you understand how Pattaya beaches and Indonesian islands get polluted with plastic and rubbish. To put it in perspective: 4.7 million tonnes ended up in the ocean in a year and this is happening for decades already.Thai rubbish 40% dumped in the ocean
  • A Thai man running a well-known child model agency has been arrested for child pornography. The 28 year old man had some 500k pics and is suspected to have molested thousands of children.
  • Meanwhile another Thai man raped an 8 year old girl and killed her. He was in jail for child abuse for years and just 3 months released from jail.
  • Foreign e-service companies will be required to pay 7% VAT. Companies as FB, Apple, Google, Netflix, TikTok and YouTube.
  • Over 650k migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar have applied for the Thai amnesty program.Migrans workers seek amnesty in Thailand
  • Restaurants and pubs in Bangkok can finally start serving alcohol again since the latest ban in connection with covid. More here about loosening of restriction Covid-19 restrictions eased at airport, entertainment venues (

Thai News – More

  • More and more Thai people changing from being full time, or freelance sexworker to the porn site Only Fans to make money out of porn and sex. It’s a closed network where viewers can give tips for content or subscribe with a payment. The OnlyFans site is located outside of Thailand, as porn is officially banned in Thailand. OnlyFans Thai sex website hosted abroad
  • An American clothing brand is in a copyright tussle about the image use of a Thai monk on their jackets.Making money with nude pics
  • Thai tourism authority targets cryptocurrency holders. Japanese in the initial phase as 11% of Japanese own the currencies which is more than the 7% global.
  • A daughter has reported a doctor and nurse for killing her mom of 54 year old. She was at a liposuction clinic to take away some back fat but died in the clinic.Issue about monk picture on fashion
  • The first 59 wealthy foreign tourists have arrived in Thailand. The group existed of people from the UK, US, Finland and France and will stay in a villa quarantine. Also a group of 41 Korean golfers arrived who went into golf quarantine resort.


  • In Nepal bans 3 Indian nationals from climbing mountainsNepal there is criticism and protests over a plan of the govt to ban women up to 40 years of age to travel abroad alone. This as a measure against human trafficking and extortion. An insurance covering a lot will be needed too.
  • A Nepalese network provider is going to invest in filtering content on the internet.
  • Nepal banned 3 Indians from climbing mountains in Nepal for faking an Everest ascent.
  • 42 years after its construction the Phewa lake of Pokhara gets renovated.
  • Nepal businesses don’t see the point any longer in rules and restrictions for foreign visitors. Thousands of locals are protesting on the streets everyday while a foreigner needs a quarantine.


  • A traffic incident ran out of hand in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and ended in three persons being shot dead.
  • A $40 million international airport on Koh Rong of Cambodia is put on hold as there is already work on another airport there, build by….. the Chinese.Covid-19 outbrake by Chinese breaking quarantaine
  • Cambodian Mine Action Centre is going to breed 100 detection dogs this year to detect landmines. Wonder why they’re also used for patrolling and security.
  • A dog slaughterhouse has been discovered. According to international groups against consumption of dog meat this particular place drowned about 200 dogs daily and killed about 1 mil. dogs since 1995 for consumption.
  • Cambodia has established a Chinese style internet gateway. Human rights groups suspect strict control and monitoring as reason.
  • Free internet, or notChinese fled a quarantine in Phnom Penh and started a new outbreak. The govt was fast to say that nobody should discriminate against foreigners but what they meant was Chinese. Now foreigners who break covid rules risk being deported with no chance of re-entry.
  • E-type visa is available online for short term visitors to Cambodia. Anyone short term interested with a 2 weeks quarantine in place and $2000 deposit?

Vietnam News

  • Vienamese earning huge in social mediaMore Vietnamese youth making millions of dollars out of FB and Google. A 28 year old woman made over $14 mil with writing software and selling it on Google Play store. The good part in Vietnam: you pay only 7% tax when you earn such huge amounts.
  • Ho Chi Minh City received $6.1 billion last year from remittance sent from abroad.
  • The price increase of apartments in HCMC rose last year with over 27% to $2582 per m2.

Other Asian News

  • Rain seasonRain season has hardly ended and the Mekong is again on a dangerous record low level, thanks to China’s dams and Laotian Dam’s.
  • India refuses to remove 1100 Twitter accounts over farmers protests.
  • Some parts of Jakarta in Indonesia were flooded by monsoon rains up to a 1.8 meter high level.
  • Reports of a military build up in Tibet and also news about mass imprisonments 7 years ago in Tibet. Another Tibetan got tortured to dead in Chinese prison.Another Tibetan got tortured to dead in Chinese prison
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