Sexual intentions & tricks

Sexual intentions

Sexual intentionsThere are plenty of people who have sexual intentions for traveling. Meaning that plenty of visitors come specifically to Asia for the sole purpose of sex. This counts for people coming from outside of Asia but don’t underestimate the number of Asian people traveling to Thailand for that purpose. More money to spend, fixed settings for their life like arranged marriages or strict/traditional/conservative upbringing could all lead to another side.

Thailand is a cheap destination for many. Both regarding flight tickets and prices to fulfill their sexual intentions. Another thing is that visa for Asians are hard to obtain for western countries but as member of ASEAN they get easy access within (southeast) Asia.


BargirlsWhere do you find sex? In many bars in any city in Thailand there are so called bargirls. Those girls get often accommodation from the bar owner, sharing a room with several other bargirls. In some cases they get some food and/or a small wage. More often they earn their money from drinks that customers buy for them. When a drink for a customer cost f.i. $1, the exact same drink that u give the girl cost 50% extra or double. That’s how the bar earns their costs for the girls back.

As if that’s not close enough to modern day slavery, then the following is. In case you decide to take a particular girl with you to your hotel or private room, you’re required to pay a so called ‘bar fine’. A penalty of between 300 to 1000 baht to be paid by the customer to the bar. The price depends on which bar, area and city. This because the girl won’t be able to work any longer for the bar that night. This amount is excluded from the price that you agree with the girl for her services in bed. When you decide to start a relationship with a bargirl, you must pay for her freedom an amount to the bar. The bar owner owns the girl as if it’s property. Convincing enough to call it slavery.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy BangkokThe red light district of Bangkok is called Soi Cowboy. A small street just outside BTS station Asok at Soi 22. A bit of a Las Vegas look of light ads of club names with working girls in front screaming for attention. In most of those clubs there are pole dancers or they have a square shaped stage on which girls are on display with a number on their bodies. Something similar to what you might expect at an animal market. The audience sit in a circle around the stage with a high priced drink. When the music stops, the girls walk off stage to the audience to introduce themselves in order to try score a customer for the night.

If this doesn’t sound inhuman enough yet, go to club Baccara and look up. Instead of a concrete ceiling you’ll be surprised by a glass ceiling and guess what? On the first floor are roughly 20 more girls ‘dancing’ without underwear. You can imagine the view for yourself. You can also guess how many ‘back up’ girls are needed in case f.i. 35 of them are taken to hotels on a single night. It’s mass business and seemingly accepted by the govt. There are police posts at either end of Soi Cowboy in order for emergencies and to give a safe feeling to visitors but certainly not for raids on clubs or happenings in them.


Walking Street PattayaIn Pattaya the red light street is called Walking Street. So called Go-Go clubs offer live sex shows on stage. Wanna see old perverts doing sexual activities with a 50 or 60 year younger girl? You can find it all and don’t get us wrong. Where else in the world can an 80 year old or a disabled person still find some pleasure? It might have its benefits too to some members of society.

Apps & freelance

It can happen that you’re not a barfly. That you might be shy or any other reason why you aren’t the type that pick up girls from a bar or street. Don’t panic. Download Wechat and put your settings on ‘people nearby’. In BKK or many cities around Asia that offers easily tens or hundreds of sex sellers that say hi to you and the rest is a formality.

The term freelance is being used as another more polite way for part time whore. Many have a daytime job and earn extra money during evenings and nights with sex work. Don’t think that this is associated with a lower job category of people. You can find accountants, managers, IT specialists, as well as hotel cleaners, fashion sellers, etc. The money obsession has no limits or categories.



In Thailand you can use another app called Thaifriendly. This app offers you all types of human beings. Men, women and ladyboys. The app name suggests something that could be far from the truth. Just ask about picking a movie or lunch together and find out for yourself about friendly. This post is neither a bargain for free sex nor to offend. Just a summary of different cultures and mindsets. Go f.i. to the Philippines and see how many charge money for sex there.

In the Philippines is an App solely focused on ladyboys (Trans), myladyboydate. In this app 90% looks for relationship and marriage while on the Thaifriendly app 90% wants only money (sex). Words have different definitions in countries. In one country they say dignity doesn’t buy me food nor does love, while in other countries people think and handle differently. It’s all about different mindsets regarding sexual intentions.


Transgenders, ladyboys, crossdressers. Those are all labels for humans. Bars, Go-Go clubs, areas, streets that we mentioned in this post count for any human. Also when they have silicones, use hormone tablets and so on. By many TG you can see that they are not born women, usually by their length and bigger feet. But nowadays there are many where the difference is hardly anylonger visible or to hear on their voice. They can be found online, in bars and on streets.


Tricks are common too. In Thailand you shouldn’t worry a lot of being stolen from in your hotel room. The Thais need to hand over an ID card at the reception of the hotel. No matter cheap or expensive hotels. After the Thai person leaves the hotel, you will be asked (by room phone) if everything is okay and the person can leave. Only after your approval the Thai gets her ID back and leaves.

This rule in hotels also make tricks happen the other way around. You don’t want to know how many Thais get to a hotel under a promise or agreement of a particular price and after the service will be handed not even half of that. It can easily turn out nasty in either way. You don’t want to be waited for outside by a group of 6 with knives f.i.

The tricks the other way around are plenty too though. More often by ladyboys than by women. Beware to use protection with sexual activities. Syfillus and other sexual diseases are heavily present in Thailand and the universal known Thai trick is getting pregnant. Either to get a visa or link to abroad or get money out of you.


Pornographic websites or materials are in some countries restricted or banned. Sites like Pornhub for example. This is the case in Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. In Nepal the authorities try to block the videos that involve Nepalese women. Of course it’s part of double standards when allowing live sex shows or bars full of girls hoping for customers and ban pornography online. That’s clear. Beware when you record open or secretly a sexual encounter. You won’t be the first one who need to hand over the phone to authorities of Thailand for a check.

Be alert, aware of what you’re doing regarding sex and treat anyone with the needed respect.

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