Salle Bhumlu village

Salle Bhumlu

All the people visit Nepal for one or another reason. Be it for trekking, climbing, Buddhism, Buddha’s birth place, paragliding, elephant rides, volunteering and more. You can read about all of these in other posts on this site. Unfortunately, no tourists come to Nepal to visit a village like Salle Bhumlu. This is quite a shame, because in a village like Salle Bhumlu you will get to know the real Nepal. Of course, the mountains of the Himalayas are real and all the other mentioned things too,

but keep in mind that that is all based on tourism. Good for the country, but honestly, it’s not much pure anymore. You can buy anything you’re looking for.

It’s no longer quiet and peaceful with a lot of tourists around you who soon are able to upload pics and make free video calls while on trekking or climbing once it is introduced by the phone companies. Nice for some, but disturbing for others.


If you are interested to see something authentic, go to Salle Bhumlu. Many of the houses have been damaged by the earthquake of 2015, but still there are plenty good ones left. You can sleep in a tent. If it’s cold season, they make a bonfire for you. How much nicer can it get? They cook by making a fire with wood.

During the daytime you can see their daily routine like cutting and carrying a lot of green to feed the goats and buffaloes. How they work in the field. Or you just take a few hours hike to a view point from where you can see the snow capped mountains. One thing for sure, you will only hear sounds of birds. No traffic, no tourism. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that you take home. Salle Bhumlu brings you back to basics. You start to appreciate simple things again. A highly recommended place to escape the world of rush that we live in.

How to get there

Salle Bhumlu is only around 73 km from Kathmandu. The best way to go is to rent a motorbike or scooter. Drive to Dolalghat, go over the bridge and turn right to get over a second bridge. From there just follow the rough road. If you go by local bus, then you need to take one from the old buspark to Dolalghat for a few dollar. There you get out and walk over the bridge which goes over the river. From there a bus brings you the last 13 km up over rough road to Manadanda. You get off there and walk 10 minutes through the hills. You can ask some locals. Another option is to get a private taxi or driver with a Jeep or SUV.

Especially for people who aren’t able to do trekking for whatever physical reason, a village like Salle Bhumlu is ideal, as it gives an impressions of the wonderful hills of Nepal.

Have a wonderful time in Salle Bhumlu.

Video impressions

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