Robert Strefski

Who is Robert Strefski

Robert Strefski is a Dutch native guy. For many years he’s been living and traveling in Asia. This website shows many of his experiences in Asia, usefull both for travellers and for expats. From border crossings to the airports he was at and airlines he’d flown with. About hospitals and immigration matters or adventure, traveling and living in Asia. Whatever can come your way with that.

Some years ago Robert Strefski started writing books about the paths he walked and experienced. The books are written in Dutch and/or English.

Book 1: Een Ongewone Weg Omhoog (2017 Dutch)

This Dutch language book is available in paperback and ebook. The story of slipping away in life and a way how to end up in Asia. Both as traveler and as expat. What one can expect living in an Asian country. What happens when you get an accident or what if you overstay your visa. How does the corruption work and how about hospitals. What can you expect when you work for an outsourcing company in Asia. Many readers got interested in Buddhism once they have encountered it in Asia. About these kind of topics you can read in this book and give you important insights and information. The book is for sale at Amazon or by contact through this site or

Een Ongewone Weg OmhoogEen Ongewone Weg Omhoog

Book 2: An Unusual Way Up (2018 English)

This is the English version of the Dutch book Een Ongewone Weg Omhoog. It can be bought at Amazon and is available in both paperback as well as ebook for Kindle.

An Unusual Way Up An Unusual Way Up

Book 3: Weg uit je Web (2019 Dutch)

After his personal experiences with depressions and addictions, followed by years of spiritual studies about the mind. Doing several Vipassana courses and following books and videos of numbers of teachers in the field of Mindfulness. This Dutch language book explains how we get to depressions, addictions, burnouts and other negative impacts in our life and gives several methods of how to get out of it too. Clear and understandable written for people with everyday life struggles. people with worries and sufferings. The book is available as paperback and ebook through this link at or this link at or on The book can also be ordered in bookstores in Holland.

Weg uit je Web Weg uit je Web


Robert Strefski keeps writing on this site and he is working on his next book already. When the next book can be expected to be on sale is hard to say now but we will keep you updated about it here. The planning is early next year or by spring but keep following the updates here. There is much more to come.