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When in Thailand, be careful with leaving negative reviews in social media or sites like Trip Advisor. An American expat found that out. Defamation laws support businesses to shut up critics. The 156 rooms Sea View Resort of Koh Chang island sued the expat who left the following review: “unfriendly staff who act they don’t want anyone here”. The result was an arrest by the immigration police. The resort accused him of damage to the reputation of the hotel, quarreling with staff and not want to pay a corkage fee for alcohol brought from outside. It makes more and more clear that reviews section on sites cannot be trusted at all.


Nothing to do with personal reviews and much more important is the situation about traveling at the moment.

  • Foreigners entering Vietnam pay $63 for two mandatory covid tests and about $10 for a rapid test kit. Also register quarantine and contact details.
  • Not only people travel. A guy lost his surf board at Hawaii and found out that his board traveled 5200 miles to the Philippines.
  • The first cargo ferry between India and Maldives announced.
  • Nov 19 and Dec 10 are the new long 4 days holidays in Thailand, created by the govt for traveling.
  • An insurance is mandatory to travel to Thailand and a consortium of 16 insurance companies offer cover now. It even pays for funeral expenses and 3.2 mil baht for repatriation of corpse or ashes. The price depend if you’re coming from a high risk or low risk country. High risk country makes the price 43000 baht while low risk country around 14000 baht.
  • Indonesia plans a dry run restart of tourism with a staycation of over 4400 residents.
  • Japan to reopen to all long stay foreigners.

Overall / remarkable stories

  • For the people with a bit pocket money left. Thai Elite Card is going to offer work permit privileges for people who invest $1 million in Thailand.
  • If you want to know the gender of the unborn baby, you can always cut her belly and womb open. That’s what a husband in India did.
  • A sun Halo was seen above Singapore.
  • A NYPD officer has been charged with spying on Tibetan immigrants. The officer is from a Chinese background.
  • A shooting of a jealous ex ended in 4 deaths on the wedding of his former partner in Thailand.
  • Indonesians who don’t wear masks get weird penalties like push ups, digging graves or lying in coffins.

Social Media

  • The Thai govt is in the offence to social media. Target FB 661 links of which only 225 were removed. Target Twitter 69 links of which only 5 were removed and 289 YouTube links were blocked.
  • In the Philippines FB removed hundreds of accounts related to the military interfering in politics and to individuals in China. Something Duterte made use of and therefore disagrees with. More here


  • Sex workers in Thailand have signed a petition to demand that selling sex will be decriminalized. 80% are mothers and the main breadwinners for the entire family (including parents). Over 24000 were arrested last year.
  • Maybe people can leave reviews about the following event: In Vietnam 324.000 used condoms or 360 kg were cleaned and repacked and for sale again. This is against the law. The target is posts of protest on FB, YouTube and Twitter.
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