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There are some remarkable stories in the Asian news. We made a selection:

  • In India a rural farmer admired Trump a lot that he built a shrine with a Trump statue. The worshipping didn’t help much because after Trump caught the coronavirus the man stopped eating and died himself.
  • Vietnam hands out way more death penalties than the US but they too seem to make mistakes. Wrongly jailed citizens are compensated after 41 years innocent in prison. Two out of the six already died while one is 95 years old now. Unlike the US where you can claim millions of dollars, the Vietnamese had to do with a meager $43,000.
  • A Jordanian chess player was reported because of cheating in her match against Vietnam. Her over 99.4% accuracy rate called for suspicion. She’s now banned for cheating.
  • Police in Thailand arrested a monk for organizing and filming a gang rape.
  • The FBI is going to set up an office in Cambodia.
  • The Nepal govt has ordered cable TV operators to show foreign channels without advertisements. However, these foreign commercials can be replaced by Nepalese ones. That will stimulate the local economy.
  • Malaysia has restrictions on interstate travel and let not pass the so called weekend husbands.

More remarkable news

  • Unfortunate but true. Rolls Royce shuts its dealership in Vietnam. No new cars can be bought but service remains for existing customers.
  • Vietnam’s GDP can top that of Singapore this year. The GDP per capita stays behind though.
  • Koh Kong in Cambodia will be the next spot for the Chinese to go, after they pretty much ruined the province of Sihanoukville already. A new international airport, built by China, is on schedule for mid 2021.
  • Duterte wants the complete Philippines population vaccinated against coronavirus.
  • Cambodia still hasn’t paid back a loan from 50 years ago to the US.
  • In India a man was declared dead and his body put in a freezer. The man turned out not to be dead but died later after being rescued.
  • The protests in Thailand go on even after a ban on gatherings. The latest try of the failing govt is a crackdown on media and apps.
  • Over 1000 Cambodians in the US are waiting for deportation.
  • Pfizer tests corona vaccine in Japan.

Remarkable – Tourism

Remarkable shifts in plans and openings.

  • Nepal’s planned opening for mountaineering from mid October has been postponed to mid November. With the still high number of new corona infections that too seems more of a dream than a realistic possibility.
  • The first tourists have arrived in Thailand. A group of 39 Chinese. More will follow in the coming days and weeks. More here about the rules
  • Air Asia X is out of money. The Indonesian long haul part of Air Asia is looking for solutions.


Not so remarkable any longer is the news about China and their citizens.

  • A Chinese couple aren’t allowed to fly back to China from Singapore before their court case for obstructing covid contact tracing efforts.
  • China is angry because the US appointed an envoy for human rights in Tibet.
  • A Vietnamese man is under investigation for luring pregnant women to China to sell their newborns there.
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