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Ranking & Expat News

  • The result of yet another Internations survey and ranking is that expats rate Ho Chi Minh City 55th out of 66 cities regarding the Quality of Urban Living Index. Vietnam among worst in terms of environment and public transport infrastructureLess than one in four people rated the city’s infrastructure positively compared to 66% globally. Only 27% expats are happy with the urban environment compared to 65% globally. Most positive was the cost of living in this city of 13 million people.
  • The 2020 expat city ranking featured 9 Asian cities. Singapore was ranked 5th, Kuala Lumpur 8th, HCMC 19th, Shanghai 21st, Bangkok 30th, Tokyo 53rd, Beijing 55th, Hong Kong 57th, Seoul 64th.
  • Maybe that is expat related if you’re looking for a country with enough English language skills. Another ranking showed the Philippines as 2nd in Asia followed by Malaysia, Soouth Korea, Macau, China and India. Thailand is 20th in Asia and Vietnam 13th in Asia.
  • Hanoi’s first metro line has started a final test run.

Ranking Tripadvisor

  • Tripadvisor warning on Thailand hotelThe resort in Thailand that put an American in Jail for giving a bad review on Tripadvisor got a new ranking. To stay out of jail the visitor had to make a public apology in all media where the bad review was mentioned, which he did. The police report was defamation for criticizing the resort. Now with the visitor safe out of the country, Tripadvisor got its revenge by posting a one of a kind notice on the Sea View’s page warning travelers that the hotel was behind the jailing of a guest for his reviews. Tripadvisor screenshotBy the way, the dispute was about a $15 corkage fee. Tripadvisor paid the legal fees and brought the parties together after which it came up with the new label.

Other RankingĀ 

  • Taiwanese Foxconn technology group shifts some Ipad and Macbook assembly from China to Vietnam on request of Apple.
  • Transparency International came out again with their annual corruption ranking list. We talk about people’s perception about it. 58% respondents believed that corruption in Nepal increased last year followed Gamingby Thailand with 55% and Maldives 53%, Sri Lanka 52%, Indonesia 49% and then India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, China, South Korea and Cambodia. The survey was among 20.000 people in 17 countries.
  • Vietnam starts increasing the retirement age from next year. Women should keep working till age 60 while men need to work till 62 years of age. Right now the age is 55 for women and 60 for men.
  • Vietnam has the highest number of adult gamers in the world. 94% games at least occasionally. Philippines and Thailand scored high numbers too.

more news

  • A Vietnam golf tourism ad can be seen on CNBC news. Although the country’s borders remain closed for now.
  • Free press and expression in Nepal is under pressure because of provincial and local govts to limit it. A result of voting for communists and China instead of India as a big friend.CNBC commercial for golf resort but Vietnam is closed for tourism
  • Employers in Thailand often demand an HIV test from potential new employees. For the half million people living with this particular virus in the country that’s a lot of discrimination.
  • In some countries like Thailand many are fed up with the monarchy but in Nepal there was a rally of hundreds that demanded the return of monarchy.
  • Vietnam is again named as the world’s leading heritage destination, although having only 8 heritage sites in the whole country recognized by UNESCO.Vietnam world's leading heritage destination
  • Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam all saw the first Covid community spread in many months. In Vietnam it came from a flight attendant who didn’t follow the rules of home isolation. In Thailand it came from Thais who worked in Myanmar and sneaked over the border and in Cambodia it came from the wife of the director of all prisons, working for the ministry and therefore having money and status enough to skip mandatory quarantine after a foreign trip. More here Cambodia News Home – Khmer Times (khmertimeskh.com)

Ranking Prosperity & Lao News

  • Vietnam moved up to 73rd fromĀ 167 economies in a global prosperity ranking. The number of people that live of less than $3,25 a day dropped over the last ten years from 50% to 10% while only 25% lives on less than $5.50 a day.Prosperity index 2020
  • Lao Brewery of the legendary Beerlao pays yearly $216 on taxes to the govt of Laos.
  • The great town of Vang Vieng in Laos expects over 1 million visitors yearly in the future. The small town with caves and lagoons has a new expressway from Vientiane to reach faster. At the moment there are 29 hotels, 16 resorts, 12 bungalow stays, 114 guesthouses, 6 villas to accommodate some 8000 visitors daily.river
  • Vehicles under 350cc will be prohibited on the new expressway between Vientiane and Vang Vieng.

Fake accounts

  • In Vietnam this year 290 fake accounts have been removed by Facebook. Also 330 pages advertising online gaming and gambling and 2200 links that promoted illegal products and services have been removed.Vietnam fake accounts removed by Facebook
  • Vietnam is the leading country of removals of fake accounts. This year alone also 29000 YouTube videos and 24 accounts have been removed. The number of social media accounts in Vietnam stands at 96 million. The estimated internet users this year stands at 63 million with a population of around 97 million.


  • A south Korean director of a company got arrested in Vietnam for killing his compatriot and dismember the body to put it in a suitcase.Man killed for stealing bananas
  • A man in Cambodia got lynched by locals over stealing bananas. Someone just shouted ‘Thief, Thief’ and 40 people ran out of their houses to beat him to death.
  • Three Chinese men killed a Vietnamese taxi driver.
  • A Vietnamese man got arrested for cheating a foreigner in a business deal about selling for $2.45 million medical gloves.
  • An Estonian man got a huge fine of $8.5 for slapping his neighbors butt when she stepped out of the elevator in HCMC, Vietnam.Fine for sexual haressment only $8.61
  • A Myanmar man was arrested in Thailand for overstaying his visa 28 months. He had many fake visa stamps in his passport.
  • A famous Tibetan singer has been sentenced to six years in prison for using a song with the text ‘Don’t put a black hat on an innocent person’ which means Don’t accuse an innocent person of wrongdoing. This was a clear link to the Tibetans and their Chinese occupation. The penalty has been given by China.
  • A Hanoi to HCMC flight was delayed after a man shouted ‘BOMB’.

Children & Factory conditions news

  • A street children free nation campaign of the Nepal govt is gaining momentum. 574 street children have been rehabilitated. The number of missing children in the last fiscal year stood at 2729.China
  • China is going to introduce new measurers against an ageing population. We definitely don’t have enough of them in the world. The number of births per 1000 fell to a record low of 10.84.
  • NepalA report of the BBC made clear that factory workers in India don’t get toilet breaks and don’t get time to drink water during shifts. The factories supply supermarket chains Marks & Spencer, Tesco & Sainsbury’s and fashion brand Ralph Lauren.
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