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Protests / Arrests

Despite or thanks to the ongoing corona crisis there are still a lot of protests and arrests being made.

  • Vietnam handed over two fugitives to the US. One 46 year old guy was wanted for sexual child abuse and a 31 year old for a drugs related case.Vietnam flight to handover 2 fugitives to US
  • Protests are banned in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. The Cambodian govt broke up a protest against an alleged Chinese military base in the country.
  • The Thai student protesters marched to the German embassy to hand over a petition in which they asked the German govt to look into the matter of a foreign leader (the Thai king) ruling its country from German soil. After looking into the matter the German govt cleared the king of any wrongdoing. Protester cought in ThailandOccasionally a political decision can be made from German soil and visits to Germany too. To avoid a diplomatic crisis between the two countries, Germany skipped the discussion that the king has only been less than 30 days in Thailand so far. The king has a long term German visa.

More Protests / Arrests

  • Another death sentence in Vietnam for drugs smuggling. This time a 29 year old woman.
  • 14 Vietnamese were arrested in Australia during a cannabis bust.
  • About 3000 Chinese will be deported from the Philippines for bribing immigration officials for visa. As per the nations law you cannot extend your visa when you arrived on the free 30 days upon arrival. The visa scam was about $830 mil.Thai woman arrested for slapping girl who didn't stand up during national anthem
  • In Thailand a woman has be charged with assault for slapping a girl who didn’t stand up when the national anthem was played. The anthem is played twice a day at 8 am and 5 (or 6) pm and wherever you sit or walk. You stand for it, even if you’re a tourist. More here


News related to festivities.

  • Nepal has a sober Dashain festival this year because of the covid-19 virus.Why Not Vietnam commercial
  • Thailand on the other hand celebrated the reopening of Khao San Road on Oct 30&31.
  • Siem Reap city is chosen as ASEAN city of culture for the period 2021 – 2022. It’s the 6th city to get that honor after Cebu – PH in 2010/11. Singapore in 12/13, Hue – VN in 14/15, Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei 16/17 and Yogyakarta – Indonesia 18/20.
  • CNN Asia is airing a Why not Vietnam commercial for the tourism sector after Covid-19.


The monsoon season brings a lot of floods this year in many countries.

Floods in Asia

  • In Cambodia many provinces and cities dealing with floods. Relief has been given to the victims.
  • in Vietnam’s ancient town of Hoi An beaches have been devastated by strong downpours, storms and waves.
  • Typhoon Molave brought landslides, death and floods from the Philippines to Vietnam and neighboring countries.

Other News

  • Stable population of river dolphines in CambodiaThe Cambodian authorities had to arrange a flight back from China for a citizen who was tricked into an abusive marriage there. Now the govt has issued a warning for overseas marriages. Since 2018 any foreign man over 50 with a minimum income of $2500 a month can apply to marry a Cambodian woman.
  • Although Cambodia tries to get rid of the USD and increase the use of their own riel, 95% deposits in 2019 was still foreign currency.
  • The number of river dolphins in Cambodia is steady in the last 4 years.
  • 3 Chinese escaped quarantine in Vietnam.
  • Indonesia launches E-visa for visitors.
  • In the Philippines a police officer got killed by a rooster during a raid on an illegal cockfight. The razor cut deep into his thigh and cut the vain.Fighting cock kills cop

More news

  • Thailand has come up with new criteria regarding big bike riders. Medical certificates for driving license application or renewal must prove tRiding big motorbike forbidden in Thailand for people with diabetes, autism and other health issueshat the driver doesn’t have congenital diseases, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder or autism. In any of those cases you’re no longer allowed to drive a big bike in Thailand. It might even be the case for car drivers too.
  • A Vietnamese malware researcPashupati staff fears covidher discovered several vulnerabilities in Adobe software products and informed that company.
  • The Robinsons Mall shuts its doors in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Nepal’s crematorium workers at Pashupatinath fear for covid as many of the employees already caught it.
  • An Indian doctor was duped into buying Aladdin’s lamp for nearly $42000. Cheap price because the sellers started with a price of $200k. The lamp would bring a lot of prosperity and so on. You gotta believe it….
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