Petronas Twin Towers – Kuala Lumpur

Looking up to Petronas Twin TowersWhen you travel through southeast Asia, Malaysia is definitely worth a visit, although it’s more expensive compared to other southeast Asian countries. Once you are in KL (Kuala Lumpur), the Petronas Twin Towers should be on your to do list.


Let me inform you that it’s good to check for tickets online. When you use Paypal or credit card, you can buy your ticket online and it might save you a trip to the Twin Towers for nothing. Many people arrive at the entry/ticket point just to learn that the tickets are sold out for the whole day. Looking down from Petronas Twin TowersWhen you are there at 10.30 am, there is a big chance that it’s already sold out for that full day, even though the opening time is between 9 am and 9 pm. So either get your tickets online or take the risk that you can only get a ticket at the counter for many hours later or for another day. It’s not that you can buy a ticket and can get in line to go up the twin towers.

You buy a ticket for a fixed time. You need to show up 15 minutes before that fixed time. The price for a ticket is 85 MR (Malaysian Ringgit), which is about $20. Only 2 groups per hour go up with partly guidance. The entry point at the basement of the twin towers has x-ray checks for your bags and a metal detector. Some items aren’t allowed to bring in and rucksacks can’t be taken up into the towers. Only small bags are allowed. You can visit Tuesday to Sunday, because on Mondays it is closed for visitors! On Fridays it’s closed between 1 pm and 2.30 pm.

Twin Towers

Entrance of Petronas Twin TowersFrom far away you can already see the rising towers in the KL skyline. The twin towers are located at Suria KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre). They have a height of 452 meters and consist of 88 floors. The cost of building the twin towers stands on 1.6 billion USD. The architect of the buildings is Cesar Pelli.

At the ground floor where you enter the building, you will see two formula 1 cars, as Petronas is also the sponsor of the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1. Once you passed the check post, you first get to see a short introduction video shown in a kind of blown moisture or smoke instead of on a screen. Artistic so to say. There is the elevator, which speeds up by several floors a second. There are no windows in the elevator but it’s made of some screens whereby the skyline is passing and clouds too. It’s not clear if this is the actual view from outside or a fixed screenplay.


Inside SkyBridge of Petronas Twin TowersThe first stop is at the 41st floor, the skybridge on 170 meters height. The skybridge itself looks just like an empty passage between the two towers. The stop at the skybridge is because of the view of the park down at the towers and the surrounding buildings. You get 10 to 15 minutes to enjoy and take pics.

Top of the Twin Towers

Top of the Petronas Twin TowersThen you get back into the elevator to go all the way up to floor 86, where you find the observation deck at 370 meters height. The two top floors (87 & 88) are only for mechanical purpose like elevator equipment, window washers equipment, fire rescue equipment, etc. In the observation deck you’ll find a mix of art, technology, digital games for kids, paintings, TV screens, miniature city and twin towers. The view over the city is certainly extraordenary and the view of the other tower gives it a more clear dimension. You get about 30 minutes for the observation deck. The total tour takes around 1 hour.

When you get back downstairs, you end up in the souvenir and gifts shop. Anything is sold there with the towers on it. From Chocolates to cookies, stationary’s to mugs, bags to shirts, the list goes on and on.

Videos can be seen here: looking up for the view from the observation deck in the top.

See the official Petronas Twin Towers website for more information.


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