Pattaya Walking Street ‘entertainment’

Sex Tourism and clubs in Walking Street

Walking StreetPattaya is famous for its ladyboys and sex tourism. With sex tourism we don’t only mean tourists who pick up someone for sex, but also the many big groups of Chinese tourists for example, who are walking with their cameras through walking street, following their guide. Walking StreetWalking street is the name of the very long street where all the dance clubs, bars, and other erotic clubs are located. A sort of red light district with clubs where girls are dancing on a stage with a pole, in lingerie or other sexy clothes.

After some time one of the girls will come sit next to you to check if you are interested or to try that you buy a drink for her. The same drink that cost a 100 baht for you, will cost 200 baht for them. This is another money making tactics of the bar.

Jobs & Prices

Walking StreetYou might choose to take a girl and in that case you need to pay a bar fine of 300 baht to the bar. In some bars it can be 500 baht. This is not the price that you pay for the sex. Walking StreetThat you still need to negotiate with the girl. Usually it varies between 1000 and 2000 baht, depending on the time (an hour or a night) and your wishes.

Walking street brings a lot of tourists from all nationalities and for all kinds of different reasons. Therefore the street brings jobs to hundreds, or even thousands of people. Mostly girls except for some bouncers and bar tenders. In some of the clubs you’ll get to see the girls naked. They are in all shapes and ages. Officially it should start from 18, but who knows if that law if followed strictly, or checked by police.


Walking StreetIf you come from a conservative culture or country, then walking street can be some shocking experience. Even for open minded people. In some of the clubs you can see live sex. Walking StreetDon’t be surprised to see an old man kissing a vagina for a price of course. That there is an audience watching is of no matter. Be warned about it. It all doesn’t have to be that bad an experience though. You can choose for a terrace with a drink and just observe the passersby. Or watch a Thai boxing fight in one of the places. Nobody will bother you. The equivalent of walking street in Pattaya, but then in Bangkok, is named Soi Cowboy. Walking street is definitely a top sightseeing place for most of the visitors coming to Pattaya.

How to get there?

Walking StreetAs the street is about a kilometer long and famous, it’s not that difficult to find. You can ask anyone which way without feeling ashamed that you’re going to visit such a street. Public transport pickupBe aware that taxi’s that are waiting on a certain spot, always overcharge three to five times the price it should be on meter. Pattaya has a great public transport system. The blue pick-up cars are very cheap public transport. Above the driver on the roof is the route mentioned that it will go. Jomtien – Naklua – Pattaya north for example. You can tell the driver ‘Walking street’ and he will give a sign yes or no. The price for this public transport is 10 baht for short distance and 20 for long distance. Jomtien beach to walking street is still 10 baht only, despite the distance of around 5 km.

The pick-up cars are in high numbers, so you hardly have to wait for more than 2 minutes for one to pass by. Raise your hand and it will stop for you and you get into the back. All in all is walking street an interesting place to see. More info can be found here

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