Opening and economics in Asia after covid

Opening – Vietnam

Vietnam reopeningSlowly but surely countries are getting ready for opening. Some partly and others more or less. Vietnam is set to restart its e-visa for tourists and other travelers from 80 countries. From July 1st eight airports will be opening for international flights as well as 29 land and sea border gates. It won’t bring much tourism because other countries aren’t ready yet.

Another issue is that there is a high possibility of 14 days quarantine for arrivals. Anyone willing to pay a big amount for a flight to sit in a room 2 weeks?

Opening – Thailand

Thailand reopeningThailand is opening up more from June 1st. The curfew hours will be loosened from 11 pm to 3 am. The state of emergency is extended once again with a month though. Bars will be the last outlets to open. Hopefully from July. The Thai govt sees something different between a market with 100+ visitors or a bar with 50.

Meanwhile the travel agents are calling for travel opening from July without quarantine. This from corona free countries. Health certficates are compulsory, also a rapid test on arrival. The compulsory health insurance too. The focus of course is Chinese. More here

Opening – Cambodia

Cambodia reopeningIn May some 399000 tourists traveled in Cambodia. Of them only 7122 were foreigners and the rest domestic. Entry bans from France, Germany, Iran, Spain, Italy and the US have been lifted. Though, the 14 day quarantine period keeps tourists away. For the people who cant afford 14 days isolation schools have been set up.

In Philippines & Indonesia

Philippines reopeningDuterte of the Philippines has decided to ease Manila’s lockdown from June 1st. The education sector and tourist destinations remain closed in the metropolitan.

Indonesia reopening despite rise of covid-19 casesWith still over 600 new cases a day and the highest death toll of ASEAN Bali is slowly opening again. Of course, rules for that will be imposed.

Malaysia & Myanmar

Malaysian hotels for saleInstead of opening many hotels in Kuala Lumpur are for sale. Not just ordinary cheap ones but the 4 & 5 star hotels too.

Myanmar corona measures remainMyanmar is slowly opening but not in all cities or townships. 5 or more persons won’t be allowed at private and monastic schools. Neither at factories and workshops. Organizations, eating at food shops and more categories.

In India

Indian toddler tries to wake dead motherA shocking video of a toddler trying to wake up his dead mom on a railway platform. The family said she died of dehydration. One of the hardships of migrant workers stuck in lockdowns. The police says she died of illnes. The woman is one of at least nine who died in recent days on trains.


Cambodia bans small dollar notesCambodia’s national bank wants to push its own currency the riel by banning the smaller $1 and $5 notes. The $2 note was already banned for high fake risk. Institutions get till the end of Aug to return those notes. There isn’t yet a fixed date for the public to use them.

Nepal aims for 7% growthNepal has come up with its new budget. According to many an unrealistic 7% growth for the upcoming fiscal year. The health sector gets 32% more while it fails to prioritize the education sector. Up to 75% tax exemption for small and micro businesess.

Vietnam is named best performer fighting covid. This according to website Politico. The ranking is based on public health and economical outcome.

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