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Nha Trang

Nha Trang mapNha Trang is a south Vietnamese coastal city. The city was in the year 2000 not much more than one of the many small cheap backpackers places. Times have changed since the Vietnamese got a lot of wealth and started traveling. In combination with an increase of low budget airlines like Vietjet. On top of that the influx of expats mostly Russians and Chinese.

Nha Trang beachA lot of investment made Nha Trang a city with highrise hotels and apartment towers. The city grew to over a half million people and is still expanding in size and population. The corona virus made it a (temporary) ghost town after all the expats left. It seems just a matter of time before things will be back as they were. When the Chinese mass tourism returns to ruining beautiful Asian places.

Nha Trang Tourism 

Cable car to islandOverall Nha Trang looks more and more like a circus. Though, if that’s what you’re looking for it’s the place to be. There is a cable car to an island. Vinpearl island plus resort. The city organized miss universe and beach games. Furthermore a stop-over point for yacht races and 5 star cruise ships.

The city has plenty of eateries with menu cards in English, Chinese and Russian languages. Diving & snorkeling or beach activities are all available. Beware that Nha Trang used to be a popular place for robbers, snatchers and stealing prostitutes. Be alert. For around $15 a night you can find real nice hotels at 200 meters from the beach. A club with DJ is Why Not bar where you pay $2.20 for a mix drink.


Nha Trang health centerIn case of health isssues, the Pasteur institute can help you out. A consul ticket cost only 30k dong ($1.5). Nha Trang even has an HIV/AIDS clinic with free treatment when you follow the regulations. That include embassy documents. Where is mass tourism, there is a sex industry. That explains the clinic. For health issues you are in a good city regarding help.

Bai Dai beach

Bai Dai beachWhen you prefer a more quiet beach or area you can rent a scooter/motorbike. The price will be around $8 a day. Drive over the coastal highway southwards to the airport. After 30 km you turn left. Just before some design towers. There you find some places like Coco’s. A smaller nice beach. Food and drinks. The beach and place is called Bai Dai.


Golden Bay CityChanged from a quiet and cheap place into a noisy crowded city. Once things return to normal after corona. Still Nha Trang has enough to offer. It’s a place to stop for travelers doing the complete Vietnam coastline. It can be reached by night bus from HCM or motorbike. There isn’t much more to see or visit than just beach hangouts.


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