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News India

Indian deaths related to lockdownPeople died from the corona virus. That’s no news but in India many people died from related issues. 205 in accidents while walking during lockdown. 120 suicides due to fear, loneliness or banned freedom of movement. 114 due to starvation or financial issues. 42 from exhaustion of walking and many more due to other reasons.

A 26 year old walked 1250 miles in 10 days to reach home. The journey went from the south to the northeast of India.

Migrant worker walks 1250 miles home

Other news is that China and India were in yet another Tibet border dispute. The surprise news is the US came with an updated Tibet policy and support bill. Including the next Dalai Lama being chosen by spiritual leaders without Chinese intervention. More here

News Thailand

Pattaya beaches reopenBeaches reopened. So did Pattaya beach and the nearby Koh Larn island. Although, not the accommodation providers there yet. The beaches will be closed from Tuesdays to Thursdays for so called clean up.

Dengue feverAlready 11 Thais died of dengue fever this year. Travel bubbles are in the pipeline. Meaning travel agreements between some corona free countries and Thailand. Foremost China and Korea are looked at.

Foreigners can apply for work permits again through a Thai embassy. The applications must gave some urgency and applicants need a health certicifate and health insurance that covers covid for at least $94.000.

The postponed songkran new year could be held in July.

In Vietnam

Vietnam has one of the youngest populations of the world. The middle class grows from 14 mil. (2014) to 33 mil (2020). In 2017 Thai beverages bought Saigon beer company (and made the beer nasty). The beer market though has immense potential with an increase of 23% over just a year. Canned beer sales was 67% while draft beer counted for only 3%.

Vietnam considers opening of some islands to foreigners. Under strict regulations though. A Chinese was sentenced for stealing on Vietnamese flight.

Chinese man convicted in Vietnam for stealing in airplane Vietnam beer consumptionVietnam reopens Phu Quoc island

Other Countries

The Philippines expects a baby boom after covid. 3 out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned normally.

Indonesia’s population is the least optimistic about recovery and handling of the crisis. Followed by Philippinos. Bali is set to reopen at least in some ways.

Laos is loosening restrictions and adapts to New Normal.

All countries want to take risks when it concerns China. Singapore goes a step further with agreements to open up to many Chinese provinces with direct flights. Criticized by locals though.

Cambodia loses 3 billion on tourism revenue but their main worry is social media. Police has been ordered to check everything posted there. Criticism means an attempt to overthrow the govt. A threat to public safety and security. Say no more.


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