News Asia – China/Brunei/Bhutan/Japan/HK

News Asia – China

China IkeaChinese news Asia. Infamous for their habits while being abroad. IKEA is the worldwide chain of do it yourself furniture to set up. Even in China they have them and mix it with a bit of Chinese habits and you end up with do it yourself while shopping. A woman was seen masturbating herself inside an IKEA on different sofas and beds. The online videos had soon millions of viewers just as IKEA response to it.

ChinaThe legacy of China’s one child policy is a huge shortage of women. This makes Chinese men looking for women in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Yearly millions of men are in search and this creates not only domestic violence but also a big human trafficking issue. A Cambodian woman escaped and was found wandering around in Vietnam. Meanwhile all 11 million Chinese in Wuhan need to be tested.

News Asia – Korea

KoreaAs if HIV patients didn’t have enough taboo and stigma to deal with. In Korea several media outlets reported about a corona cluster outbreak in a district that is supposedly known for gay clubs. Homophobia is big in Korea and privacy of data of corona patients need to be guaranteed. KoreaKaraoke rooms and prisons are the latest hotbeds regarding corona.

In Brunei

BruneiNot a country you hear much about in the news. 141 corona cases were reported till May 11. An Islamic holiday was canceled during ramadan. To avoid spread of this disease. His Majesty of Brunei said that the Quran helps against all evil including corona.

In Bhutan

BhutanLandlocked between China and India. Bhutan has only 9 corona infections. The first case in March was an American tourist. He got a warm visit from the king. Hotel owners offered their place for free to the govt while restaurants offered free food. Locals helped setting up quarantine facilities. A pleasant and helpful country.

In Japan

JapanMount Fuji is now closed. A lockdown of trails is imposed. The state of emergency has been lifted mostly.

A 28 year old sumo wrestler died of corona after a battling the disease for more then a month.

Hong Kong

Hong KongProtests are picking up again in Hong Kong. Although China has warned not to accept that again. There is a lot of fuss going on about a history exam regarding Japan during the war. HK seems to stay a smoking gun the coming time. Something that countries like Thailand like to see because it could draw tourism from HK to other countries in the region. More here

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