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Mosque KL National Mosque

As Malaysia is an Islamic country, it has a National Mosque. The location of the Mosque is at Jalan Perdana. Around the corner of the Bird Park and the Planetarium Negara at one side and the old railway station at the other side, opposite. Even as non-Muslim you can visit the Mosque. Don’t worry if you are in t-shirt, top, skirt or shorts. You will be provided with a purple color of long coat with hoody and long sleeves. The length goes far below the knees. Both men and women get the same coat. As there aren’t plenty of these coats, you might need to wait in queue for people to leave who can hand over a coat to the people waiting. Often Muslims can pass the queue.

KL National MosqueArchitecture

The mosque is built on the site of a church in 1965. The minaret is 73 meters high and the land has a size of 13 acres with gardens and fountains around it. The design of the mosque and minaret is that of a folded and unfolded umbrella. After you enter you walk upstairs to the main prayer hall, which can accommodate 15000 people. Of course, only Muslims can enter. You get to see the main prayer hall from the door. There are a few stalls with traditional drawings and some souvenirs and you can get all kinds of brochures in English with explanations and descriptions about Islam and/or why you should follow it. The visit takes hardly 10 minutes, but is still worth it.

The opening hours are between 6.30 am – 1 pm, between 2.30 pm – 4 pm and between 5.30 pm -7 pm.

To get to the Mosque by taxi shouldn’t cost a lot, if you come from Jalan Alor area. The RapidKL buses are another option to get there.

A short video of the main prayer hall can be seen here:





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