Mekong at Sangthong & Thum Pha temple

Mekong outing from Vientiane

TempleWhen you are in Vientiane Laos and you feel bored in town or you just want to do something different. Then we have info about a great Mekong outing for you here. Rent yourself a motorbike and get out of town. This all along the Mekong River. Within a distance of 40 km only, you will pass special places like the market where veggies, fish and other things are sold. The Sangthong District where you’ll find the huts/cabins where you can sit, eat and drink with your companion or have a party with friends and the very nice temple of Thum Pha. A nearby trip which is not on the shortlist in a Lonely Planet is what this post is about.

Sangthong Market

Market The district of Sangthong is the bordering district of Vientiane. Take a ride over the provincial way which runs mostly parallel to the Mekong and you’ll first pass the market. Always nice to stop at such a place when you have some kind of outing.

Lizard for sale?You’ll get to know what kinds of veggies and other things are being sold and therefore grown in the area. Off course there is some fish for sale, but the main sales are veggies of many types. Have a break and who knows you’ll see the big lizard too. It wasn’t sure if that was for sale, to eat, or just for show.

Mekong Outing Huts

huts at MekongWe call them huts, you might have a different name for them. They are the perfect place to eat, drink, party, play cards, have romance and so on. The perfect spot too. Right there on the side of the Mekong. Several of those villages, a group of some typical ‘houses’ who run a sort of restaurant with those huts. There might be as many as 20 huts to sit at one of the several restaurants. When it’s busy and many huts are occupied, the service might be somewhat slow. Still a place not to miss and it depends on the season how the Mekong is running and behaving.

Thum Pha Temple

Stairs from temple down to MekongGo ahead another 10 to 15 km and you’ll reach Thum Pha Temple. This temple is located at the Mekong too, which makes it an even more special place. The compound exist of several hangouts, so to say. Several small places where Buddha statues can be seen or prayers can be done. But the most attractive is the one at the end, seen from the road, at the river. There are stairs all the way down to the water and near is the platform with statues. Here you can often find a monk doing rituals or a ceremony.

People are there to do prayers. Making food and flowers to offer to the Buddha, the statues. You can take pics of it. It’s special to see how devoted the people are. That the location of Thum Pha Temple is at the Mekong, makes it another spot that you shouldn’t miss on an outing out of town like this. When you’re looking for something other than the usual places to go or see, the Mekong outing out of Vientiane is the perfect thing to do.

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