Manila Bay & Upside Down Museum

Manila Bay

Manila boulevardThe whole of Manila Bay has had a lot of negative issues going on in recent past and present. The sea level rise is something to worry about in the future. The high number of oil spills (in ’95 & ’99) from refineries. Findings of copper, cadmium, zinc among other dangerous fluids for health. Sewage and tons of waste were all part of Manila Bay and of influence on the habitat of 100’s of bird species, mangroves, coral reefs and more. Certainly development comes with a price.

MOA and boulevard areaLeave that alone, Manila has several sightseeing places that can be categorized as must see. One of them is Fort Santiago which is described in another post. Then there is Manila Bay. What is special on Manila Bay is that it’s one of the very few areas that aren’t noisy and polluted by an overload on traffic. A place of green, relaxation, amusement and hangout facilities. Almost too good to be true when you compare it to the rest of Manila. Of course, there where is a bay or sea you will often find a boulevard. The one at Manila Bay is called Roxas Boulevard and has a length where you can easily walk an hour or more. With several restaurants and coffee shops to take a break, it’s a good area to get out of the noise and enjoy the peace and environment.


MOA judo championshipWhen this is all too much boring to you then you have the shopping possibilities. MOA, Mall of Asia is a huge shopping mall on the opposite side of the road along the boulevard. Available shops are too many to mention here. The usual shops as clothes stores, phone stores, hamburger outlets and many more. The MOA is that big that there is space for events like judo championships, the in Philippines highly valued mass of a Catholic church or priest in a mall or any other event can be organized there at the ground floor. MOA has several floors with almost everything available of your imagination. The mall doesn’t belong to a category of cheap market prices shopping but is certainly worth a visit. Especially when you’re in the area anyway.


MOA eyeThe MOA Eye is similar to the London Eye. A big wheel with cabins for about 4 people each. If the height is similar to the one in London is unknown to us but that doesn’t really matter. The height of the wheel is enough to get a great view over Manila Bay, the activities, the road and the mall among other things. The price for adults is 150 peso ($3) and for that money you make just one round which is still a reasonable price for the view and experience. The cabins do have an air con so that it won’t be unbearably hot inside. A recommendable activity and not the only activity around.

Upside Down Museum

Upside Down museum main hallMore up north of Manila Bay you’ll find the Upside down Museum. Now we have to inform you that the thing that gets most of all upside down, is your wallet. With an entry fee of 450 peso ($9) which is especially for most Pinoy’s a lot. Not to mention the price to get there by Grab car ($6) or any other means of transportation. For something as boring as the upside down museum that can be seen in 20 minutes maximum, this can be called a rip off the least. Go look on internet and Wiki is the most misleading information channel in this particular case with a text like this: “A 1,700-sq.-ft. illusion museum with upside down, leaning, floating & giant exhibits.”

Sloping roomWhat can you expect inside the Upside Down Museum? You start with the ticket counter. When you see a paper mentioning discount for senior citizens and you ask friendly what the age for that is, you get an annoyed sounding woman (you can’t call such a lady) saying with an irritated tone that the discounts only count for people from the Philippines. You pay and get in. What is most eye catching is that it’s so small that it has the size of a big garage or workshop. Yes, it has different sections but of the size of a kindergarten. There isn’t even a route to walk needed on signs.


Toilet illusionsWhat would one expect? That’s eventually all that creates disappointment but with an entry price that is 3x higher than the MOA Eye, 6,5x higher than Fort Santiago, Equal to Venice Hill boating. You expect some illusionary things instead of disillusioned feelings. Hanging cars upside down on a ceiling can be done in a workshop. Doesn’t matter what the brand of the car is (Beetle). Hanging tables and chairs upside down on a ceiling can be done at home. Exactly with the same tools, a hammer, nails, screws and a screwdriver. A ‘Time Magazine’ window where you can be the cover can’t be called a highlight either.

Mirror illusionThe only thing of illusion is the mirrors on the floor that reflect to a wall as a house. The effect as if you’re standing in a window of that house, ready to jump or fall. That’s really the only highlight of the complete Upside down museum. All other is of a level below 10 years of age and can be skipped or done in 20 minutes. Where or how they managed to get a name to attract visitors is our guess. Therefore to us the Upside down museum falls under the category ‘Must Miss’.

Video impression

of Manila Bay, MOA and this particular museum can be seen here


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