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The news never stops and therefore we give you every 10 days a news update that can Rise in tourist numbers to SE Asiabe seen as latest news. News from all kinds of Asian countries and regarding all kinds of different topics. Of course, there will be plenty of latest news about re-openings, lockdowns, covid and all related. Besides that, we give you the most recent updates regarding visa, overall news and much more. Check it all out on this site together with our regular other posts.

Latest news Thailand

  • Latest news is a survey under the Thai people shows a 95% NO to foreigners result. Discrimination knows no borders. Foreign expats are bannLong queue of expats at TH immigrationed from public transportation and other expats raise their voice about the dual pricing of entrance tickets here and there.
  • Hundreds of people gathered at the democracy monument to protest the govt and demanding dissolution of the house and clarity about disappeared persons who were critical of the govt among other demands.
  • Foreigners stranded in the country can now extend their visa one more time till Sept 26. If they do not extend and will still be in the country after Sept 26, they will face legal action and be blacklisted. From that date on foreigners need to submit necassary documents seeking to renew short term visas. That means submitting proof of not being able to leave the country.
  • A lost dog knocked the door of a local vet. The dog had been twice there and because of that the vet could call the owner of the dog.

More TH

  • TH govt bill to allow same-sex unions1.9 million people registered on the Thai website ‘Nobody will be left behind’ for financial aid. The govt will stimulate domestic tourism by subsidizing 5 million hotel nights at 40% of normal room rate. Subsidies on other services like food is 600 baht per night. When traveling by air, the govt pays 40% of the ticket price but not more than 1000 baht per seat with a max of 2 million seats.
  • Suppression in Burma drives crystal meth into Thailand. Another 1200 kg was intercepted by police.
  • Air Asia considers a twin hub in Bangkok. Two airports.
  • The govt considers tourism whereby visitors must stay two weeks in a designated area. Being tested at arrival and after the two weeks. When tests are negative only then visitors can start traveling to other parts of the country.
  • The Thai govt has a bill in parliament for permitting same sex unions, or registered partnership. A bill to ensure fairness to all genders. Though, most of the LGBT community aren’t yet satisfied with it, as marriage isn’t included.

Latest news Vietnam

  • Latest news is the genVN repatriates remains of US soldierder imbalance because of a preference for boys hit Vietnam too. There are 111.5 male births to 100 females.
  • After the scandal of Pakistani pilots flying without license the Vietnamese govt suspended their licenses. After investigation nine pilots have genuine licenses. The others are still under investigation.
  • Three Laotians are sentenced to death for drug trafficking.
  • Vietnam’s F1 race will probably be held in Nov.
  • Vietnam has repatriated the remains of an American soldier lost during the war. It’s the 153rd handover of remains since 1973. Both the countries mark the anniversary of 25 years of normalization of diplomatic relations this year.
  • Vietnam is certainly not a poor country when you know that it has over 30 companies listed on the stock exchange worth a billion dollars. Just 20 years after setting up of its stock exchange.

More VN

  • VN statisticsNearly 65% of the married women face violence. A study shows 32% in the last 12 months. Nearly 6000 women aged 15 – 64 were interviewed. Over 13% experienced sexual violence, especially under the younger women. 4.4% experienced sexual child abuse before the age of 15. Furthermore there was emotional violence, financial violence and more sorts of violence.
  • A Mexican died in a traffic accident. The 5th foreigner this year to lose its life. Not very strange with a death toll of 17 per day due to traffic accidents.
  • A prostitution ring has been busted. They sold sex for prices between $18,000 – $30,000 a night. Selling the ladies as models, actresses and more. Obvious that there are billion dollar companies and rich Vietnamese people willing to pay that for sex.
  • The Vietnamese passport is among the world’s weakest. Just slightly more powerful than Laos and Myanmar. Vietnamese can access only 54 countries and territories. Singapore and Malaysia have the strongest passports from the region. Japan’s is the most powerful in the world.

Latest of Japan

  • Latest news Japan. Although many southeast Asian countries are looking for so called travel bubbles with countries that are supposedly s15 Japanese companies move from China to Vietnamafe. Japan falls under this category, even though with 660 new cases on the 19th of July, of which 89 in Osaka.
  • ¬†Already 15 Japanese firms have registered for a shift out of China to Vietnam. It falls under a govt funded scheme. Other firms move to Laos, Philippines or Thailand.

Latest Tibet

  • Free Tibet activists put a projection on the Chinese embassy in London. More anti China protests have beeFree-Tibet activists in Londonn held in Vancouver, CanadaChinese authorities remove Tibetan prayer flags and recently also in Toronto with a ‘Boycott made in China’. Furthermore there were protests at the Chinese consulate in NY. They were supported by Indians and Taiwanese.
  • Chinese authorities have ordered removal of Tibetan prayer flags in eastern Tibet.
  • The biggest Tibetan Buddhist site of eastern Tibet has been destroyed by China.

Latest other countries

  • The Laos borders remain closed and people who fly need a recent health certificate.
  • Cambodia is to lose some 390,000 jobs according to the Asian Development Bank.

Maldives welcomes tourists without restrictions (but very expensive hotels)

  • Angkor Wat vendors must remove their stalls.
  • Development of 70 km road on Koh Rong island will start in Cambodia, where more Chinese development is expected and welcomed.
  • Maldives is open for tourism and without strict rules like quarantine but it won’t come cheap. The resort prices can be as high as $3000 a night.
  • Nepal bans private Indian TV channels for airing ‘false propaganda’.
  • Philippines took its biggest broadcaster ABS-CBN off air.
  • After a claim on the Galwan valley, a part of Nepal, part of Bhutan and the south CCorona virus situation in Indiahina sea, Chinese foreign minister says that aggression and expansion are not in China’s genes. How to make a fool of yourself!
  • Indonesia still fails to bring coronavirus under control. Bali will end its emergency stay visa policy. This will leave thousands of mostly Australians in limbo.
  • India’s lockdown had failed too. The virus is ever growing.


  • 135 million tourists visited southeast Asia in 2018 from 66 million just 10 years earlier. The top 5 countriesActual tourist destinations in Asia are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. It has harmed the ecosystems hugely. Now many countries have to consider another way of tourism because white sand beaches, ancient temples and diverse wildlife is suffering or disappearing at high speed. Let’s be clear, this huge increase in tourist numbers is mostly coming from Chinese visitors, but no country dares to say or criticize them and they aren’t the people to teach how to travel in a correct way.
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