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latest News – Overall

  • Latest news overall: taxi drivers having a six point demand which include scrapping of a draft bill allowing private vehicles as ride hailing service (Grab/Uber). Scrapping compulsory GPS in their taxis among other demands.
  • Free Tibet organization has started with billboards in NY and London to create new attention on the situation in Tibet.
  • Philippines police checks through social media if people follow quarantine and other rules.
  • Thailand considers an ID card for expats to end dual pricing policies. 60% of the 2 million expats come from Asia of which 150.000 are Chinese and 70.000 Japanese.
  • The Thai plan for 90 days visa, extendable two times has some interest but the rules remain unclear flor now. A 2 week mandatory quarantine is sure just as health insurance. They want tourists to do home isolation before travel and avoiding crowded places before flying. Plus a minimum amount of money in their bank. To be continued….
  • A Russian stranded in central Vietnam of 65 years old got help from locals after begging them.
  • Two Vietnamese are in the Forbes list of Asian ‘Power Businesswomen’.
  • The Global Social Performance index: based on 3 main categories (basic human needs – foundations of wellbeing –  opportunity) and 12 sub categories. Japan 13th spot, Singapore 29th, Malaysia 48th, Thailand 79th, Indonesia 84th followed by Vietnam.


  • After Cambodia 7-ELEVEN stores will open in Laos from 2022.
  • English is not of the interest for Vietnamese. 63% of students scored less than a 5 (out of 10).
  • KFC is the most favorite fast food chain in Vietnam with 45% followed by the Korean chain Lotteria with 17%. Pizza Hut and McDonalds scored only 6%.
  • Cambodia was voted the friendliest country in the world 2020 on My International Movers website. 95% of expats agreed that Khmers are welcoming, helpful, patient to tourists and people wanting to move there. Philippines was ranked 5th and Vietnam 6th in the list.
  • Contradictory to this is that there are plenty of complaints about the $120 (2 pers.) rooms and $30 for meals that quarantine hotels charged in Cambodia. Probably this was not in their welcoming list.
  • In Indonesia people violating corona rules can now lay in a casket for some minutes to make them more aware. In villages where people don’t wear masks they are forced to dig graves for the corona victims.
  • Philippines transport minister cut the distancing from 75 cm to 30 cm in public transport. In a time that they keep setting records of new virus cases.
  • A COVID testing station has been opened at Kanchanaburi immigration office. Mostly for Burmese workers.

Latest news – Arrests 

  • Latest news regarding arrests: In Cambodia a man got arrested after posting on FB that Angkor does not belong to Khmer.
  • 5 armed men robbed a group of Chinese in their home in Pattaya from 10 mil. baht.
  • 30 Laotians were caught entering Thailand illegally. 
  • A British motorbike driver was killed in a hit and run in Thailand.
  • New traffic fines for Thailand are announced: taxi drivers not taking passengers all the way or by fastest route will be fined 1000 baht. Driving without license 200 b. Obstructing traffic 400 b. Failing to give space to an emergency vehicle 400 b. Breaking speed limit 500 b. Driving on pavements 500 b. Ignoring traffic lights 500 b. Wrong parking 500 b.
  • 21 Chinese entered Vietnam illegally and were caught. They were also wanted in China for fraud.
  • FB blocked under pressure of authorities a group of 1 million followers critical of the Thai monarchy.

More related

  • A Thai granny was sentenced to 50 years in prison for offering her granddaughter (14 years old) for sex.
  • 107 illegal Chinese were found in a period of 4 days.
  • Duterte of the Philippines extended the state of calamity to Sept 2021.
  • Vietnam jailed four for the British lorry tragedy whereby 39 Vietnamese died. The maximum sentence was 7 years.
  • Two Chinese on the run after escaping quarantine in Cambodia.
  • Seven trafficked 41 women and children to China from Vietnam.
  • Tourists that don’t renew their visa will be arrested in Thailand. More here

Latest news – Festivals

  • Latest news festivals: all over Asia festivals like new year were canceled or postponed. The Khmer and Thai new year for example.
  • In Nepal there are more festivals than people and festivals are holy and cannot be canceled for whatever reason. A riot occurred with the pulling of the chariot of Machhindranath that resulted in a curfew.
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