Kuala Lumpur International Airport terminals

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 

KL airport hallwayThe Kuala Lumpur International Airport has two terminals. Terminal 2 is only used by Air Asia, both for arrivals and departures. All other airlines use terminal 1. In Bangkok it’s the old Don Muaeng Airport that is used by Air Asia, but still a few other airlines are using that airport too for domestic flights purpose. At Kuala Lumpur International Airport the two terminals can make things pretty confusing and unclear, especially when you arrive at a transfer and your connecting flight is from the other terminal. This makes that you first have to go through immigration and then get yourself with the express train from one to the other terminal.


KL airport T2 airline officesKLIA 2, or Kuala Lumpur International Airport, terminal 2. The Air Asia terminal. This terminal is at several points not in the top 5 of Asian airport terminals regarding help, clear signs and a few other things. KL airport sign to terminal 2As a frequent traveler by air it was my first ever experience where I walked somewhat alone after landing, in search for immigration. Just to get through it and get to the connecting flight in terminal 1. At least a guy at the info desk at terminal 2 could tell that the flight itinerary gave a wrong terminal number for the connecting flight and told me to catch the express train.

Express Train Ticket

KL airport trainA good advice is to avoid booking a connecting flight when you have less than 2 hours transfer time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport when it’s with a different airline. One of the reasons beside the queue at immigration is that you need to go from one to another terminal. KL airport train ticketYou need to buy a ticket for the express train which cost you 2 MYR (Ringgit). When you are on a short transfer at some airport which isn’t your destination, why walk around with local currency? The ticket cannot be paid in USD or any other currency in cash. The lady just tells you to go to a money changer for the amount of $0.50 cents, not being bothered by your time consuming issue. Only when you’re back you can catch that express train to the other terminal.


KL airport train platformWhen you think that KLIA 2 is not the top of all airports, then you haven’t been in KLIA 1 yet, or Kuala Lumpur International Airport terminal 1. Imagine you finally arrived in this terminal and look quickly on the info boards for which check in row you need to be. You come there 40 minutes before your departure time but that seems to be too late, as no staff of the airline is to be seen anymore. The check in desk already closed an hour before departure. Mentioned example is Vietjetair.


KL airport T1 unclear directionsNot much you can do in such a situation except for a logical step as walking to the ASK ME (Yes, it’s mentioned in capitals) lady who is standing at two or three points in the hall and tell your story about your flight which is leaving in 40 minutes. The only thing she can come up with is to go one level down to the airline office. Okay, you get yourself one level down by lift and look on the signs with all the airlines.

At the bottom of the mentioned airlines in alphabetical order by Vietjetair an arrow to the right. Quickly you walk through a hallway with doors, trying to find the door you need. Suddenly the next sign with airlines shows no more Vietjetair. You walk back and forth in case you missed it, but realize that there isn’t an office at all of this airline. This got confirmed by check in the next day. What an ASK ME lady that was. That she brings you later to another overall info desk doesn’t make her doing a better job, as it is something anyone can know by themselves.


KL airport Departure hallForget about the issues mentioned above. Now we are just at a point that you’re going to departure from terminal 1. No matter if that’s just your only flight or your connecting flight. You check in. There is a security check x-ray but without taking off your belt and laptop out of your bag. From there you go to immigration and get stamped out. Then it gets confusing again. You have to catch a train to your gate. You start wondering if you’re going to terminal 2 again. You’re not the only one confused. Lots of people wandering confused around.

The train brings you to some of the gates and when you step out, you have a really hard time to understand which of the four different directions leads to your gate. Confused faces again. A kind of circle with four arms so to say. From there still a walk to go. Once you finally reached your gate, you’ll see that just there is the security check for your belongings.


Some of the points mentioned in this post can’t be blamed on Kuala Lumpur International Airport but rather to booking agents, airlines who change schedules and times or simply yourself by booking connecting flights with too short transfer time, but certainly several points can be improved a lot by the airport authorities. Things like paying the express train in USD (and give change in Ringgit), ASK ME ladies who send you to an airlines office that doesn’t exist and unclear signs and walkways.

An impression video can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xrsesUvkRA&feature=youtu.be

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Are you Pos or Neg about KLIA
Are you Pos or Neg about KLIA
Are you Pos or Neg about KLIA


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