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Kiwi guaranteeWhen you are looking to book a flight online, you will often see passing by on your screen. Their promises make it an attractive option to choose. Transfer cover is one important promise made by them. It will definitely get you over your doubts of missing your connecting flight, as you will be covered by them for costs like transportation and your plane ticket. Read the following: sounds to good to be true?

Flight Delay – Traveling with connections and your first flight has a delay which makes you miss your connecting flight. It’s covered.

Flight Cancellations – Your flight could be canceled unexpectedly. It’s covered.

Schedule Changes – One of your flights might be rescheduled by the airline. It’s covered.

Kiwi guaranteeIn case one of the above happens, offers you an alternative flight to your destination or refund the cost of your unused tickets. Furthermore they contribute to the following: Transport to another airport. Overnight accommodation if the delay is more than 8 hours. Food and drink if the delay is more than 4 hours. This is not made up. This information can be found on their website under guarantee. Still think too good to be true?



Kiwi guaranteesWell, of course you can’t expect anything good by promises without having conditions. Respond to all offers within 24 hrs. Don’t make any flight changes without their approval. If they agree that you should buy a flight which isn’t available online, they must receive prove of payment within 14 days. reality

Flight schedule changeBooking – Book a flight online with and your payment is done immediately. The confirmation of your flight by comes about two hours later. You can book hotels, airlines, Agoda and name them all and you will have your confirmation within let’s say 5 to 30 minutes. Kiwi needs sometimes 120 minutes.

Schedule Change – The original booked flight (with Air Asia) from Indonesia is at 6.15 am. The re-scheduled flight is at 8.30 am. This makes your layover time unexpected and suddenly short with only 1.5 hr. As your connecting flight is with another airline to Vietnam, you must go through immigration. Ever seen an immigration without a queue? Would you have bought the ticket for that day at the first place?

E-ticket – sends you an e-ticket by e-mail. On this E-ticket they mention your connecting flight at airport Kuala Lumpur from terminal 2. But in reality at airport KL only Air Asia flies from terminal 2. Your flight departs at terminal 1. Of course this mistake mentioned on the itinerary takes some extra time from your already very short layover that you never chose when you booked. Now you need to take the express train, which of course has some waiting time. Not to mention that you might need local currency to pay for the express train ticket. So first you need to visit a money changer. When you finally arrive 40 minutes before departure at the check-in desk, you find out that the airline closes already an hour before departure, so you have missed your flight.

Impossible task

Kuala Lumpur map (original at means that in reality from a 1.5 hr layover you have only 30 minutes between landing with your first flight and check-in for the next flight. You’re having people in front of you and you need to wait before you’re allowed to leave the plane. Then you need time to get through immigration queue and then find out that they gave you wrong itinerary with wrong terminal on it. Then you have to catch a train. This all within 30 minutes. An impossible task but love to make a fool of themselves with this statement: “This change does not affect your subsequent flight, and there will be enough time for the layover in Kuala Lumpur since you do not have checked baggage.”

Conditions: sure, immediately email is sent to them at the check-in desk, where later some other lady is looking into your ticket re-booking. Without approval of Do they expect you to leave the airport in an insecure situation about if they refund/re-book for you and when you can fly and wait for them? All the needed prove of payments for 2 hotels (the one booked at original destination and the one booked at transfer destination) and the airline payment for next day’s flight were sent to within 2 days.

Doubtful answers

Kiwi Refund rejectedThen you apply for refund and get the following answer: “After contacting the airline we found that no refund is available for your booking”. Strange, why did the airline give a reduced price on next day’s flight because had given me a wrong itinerary (wrong terminal) and the airline therefore didn’t let me buy a more expensive new ticket?

Explanation 2 – “Note that your layover time was 1.5 hr and the minimum layover time is 1 hr, which means that you could’ve catch it”. So minimum layover time is 1 hr according to the rules of But the airline check-in closes 1 hr before departure. That means you have to do all mentioned above in exactly 0 minutes. This makes not only a fool of themselves, but above all a 100% scam company. Be warned!!

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  1. Robert

    Kiwi scam even deduct money from people’s account without sending flight confirmation and deliver stressful situations and cash problems for hard working people.

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