Kiwi – an overview of their incredible scams

Kiwi scam

Kiwi or is a licensed company located in the Czech republic that is cheating customers all over the world in any way possible. It’s an agent that sells flight tickets with false promises of refunds for missing connecting flight among other false promises. We already have a post on this site about this scam company.

According to an investigation of the Sunday:

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The Sunday Post has just revealed Kiwi’s despicable tactics. A well-oiled-machine of fake-reviewers and a team of employees focused on flagging and removing your “authentic” reviews out of TrustPilot. So pretty much Kiwi TrustPilot score is irrelevant and cannot be trusted.

TrustPilot is naively helping Kiwi to mislead travelers. Don’t let your friends or family get caught on this deceptive tactics!!!

Travel booking firm has managed to get 80% of the negative reviews it has flagged over the last year removed from the site.

Kiwi – about their scam on Facebook

By now, with the coronavirus crisis in full flow, Kiwi is cheating so many customers that it even uses their money to buy new offices. Meanwhile a Facebook page has been set up and has already over 3100 members. This is the link to their FB page

You will be full of disbelief when you read the daily struggles of the members and the tricks that Kiwi is using. A recommendable page that might be of help for your personal struggles with this scam company.

Kiwi – An overload of screwed customers

All below comments are taken from the Kiwiscam Facebook page. All credits go to them and the people. We use them to create more support for their struggles. hereby many of the topics and comments:

  • Hi! Kiwi took 52.17€ (1,916.08 THB, 73,098.45₩) as administration fee. Kiwi did not refund all. I am from Republic of Korea, not from Europe. Where can I write the letters? What is the email address for ECC? How can I do to receive 52.17€?
  • Anyone booked the Air Asia ticket through They both Ignore me, what can I do now? (Note LIA: Kiwi and Air Asia have a business deal and can therefore be seen as one and the same)
  • My daughter was just ripped off by Kiwi. They stole money after booking her on a airline that doesn’t operate at her departing airport. Now her and the kids are unable to return to the UK.
  • We’d like to inform you that we received a chargeback notification from your bank and we’ll deal with them directly. As our service has been disputed, we cannot process your refund request ourselves. Please contact your bank for more information about your chargeback status and their final decision.
  • has anyone experienced receiving a full refund through a chargeback, but then had the money taken back again from kiwi? (Note LIA: happens all the time)

And More of them…

  • did you know that amidst of all that, kiwi is moving to new dedicated premise…. i wonder how they can afford it…
  • Please help me with my cancelled flight this afternoon and there’s no one from is trying to assist to rebook my flight what will i do? I already tried looking their contact number and email but i just waste my time…i don’t find any.
  • Well I’m back with still no resolve. We have gone through charge back with our bank when Kiwi offered us £87 voucher for £1300 worth of flights. We contacted Oliver (probably not really him but someone dealing with complaints) this was the conversation. Our bank said that Kiwi are disputing the chargeback that’s why we can’t get our money back and Kiwi have told us they have our money but can’t refund because of the chargeback. We have asked why they are disputing and they cannot answer…..this is going to be a long process with a lot of fighting.
  • He is an arsehole. We got £72 for our £2000 flights. They are just passing the ball.
  • Does anyone else have the issue where they cannot find the original payment confirmation of the flights? Even logging in and viewing the itinerary on kiwi there’s no price information?? Very interesting.
  • Kiwi Starts to book you connected flight that does not exist. And they cancel the last flight 8 hours before your first flight starts. So you start calling. They offer you 7% refund as voucher. I called Ryanair. And they comfired me that the flight I booked is never existed because the target land airport is closed because of corona!!!


It’s very unfortunate that too many people still choose this scam company. We all hope that the authorities in countries can do something about this agent by protecting the customers in any way possible and send those responsible to jail. Many have learnt their lesson in the hard way by now. We wish all luck with the refund process and struggles and we keep you updated about Kiwi.

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