Khmer Dance Show & Buffet- Siem Reap

Khmer Dance Show

Siem Reap Khmer dance showThe Khmer dance show exist for at least 17 years. In 2001 the show was in a small building with around 100 visitors on a good day. Times have changed everywhere for everyone, also for the Khmer dance show. Siem Reap Khmer dance show hotel venueMay 2018 and the Khmer dance show has moved to another building. A huge hotel venue with a hall where hundreds of people can sit on several long rows with tables and chairs. The stage on which the Khmer dance show is performed is right there at the beginning of the rows of tables.

The dance show itself is nice and enjoyable. Especially the costumes of the performers and the famous Khmer, lets call them tops. The temple looking things on the heads of the performers. The dresses of traditional Khmer style and even peacock dresses that open during one of the dance acts. Another act is one whereby simulated fights are going on with sticks hitting at each other. Of course, each act has a storyline, a part of Khmer history to tell and show. The hotel venue is a little distance out of the city center but a tuktuk can bring you there. After the show around 8 pm some tuktuks are usually waiting for customers, so no need to worry about that.


Siem Reap Khmer dance show buffetTickets for the Khmer dance show can be bought in hotels and agencies in town and cost $12, which includes a dinner buffet too. The dance show will start at 6 pm and you can enter at 5 pm. TSiem Reap Khmer dance show buffethe dance show and the buffet are happening at the same time. It’s not that you eat first and then the show starts. No, you can make sure to have your plate on the table when the dance acts starts or otherwise you walk in the connecting buffet hall while the dance show is going on.

About the food there is hardly anything to complain. There are choices for everyone. There is a Thai food section. Khmer food is available. Western food can be found and Chinese food can’t be missing especially when you take a look at the other visitors.


Siem Reap Khmer dance showWe don’t like to judge about situations, people, etc. What can be good for one, can be bad for another. As a regular and repeating traveler throughout Asia there are some things that are clearly visible. Siem Reap Khmer dance showThe change of visitors. Around 2001 most visitors happened to be Caucasian, or white. Years later the big Chinese tourist flow caught pace and nowadays minimum 80% of the visitors are Asian, or in particular, Chinese. As people from all over the world have habits, the Chinese do too and as count for everyone, usually they don’t realize themselves if it fits in the situation or place of that moment.

Buses full of Chinese arrive and they all hurry as if it’s the last thing they ever do in life. At the food hall they are so much busy with their own things that they don’t take others into account. This is one of their habits wherever you meet them. So when you happen to be near, be alert because in a split second your plate with food lies on the floor or partly over your clothes. They bump around and you won’t see them looking as if they pay attention or ever feel sorry. They speed back to the row tables and eat like if they haven’t eaten for days. Many run back for a second plate. Then they all kind of pushing others, from their own bus or not, in front of the dance stage, to take pics and videos and then they all leave.

Wind of change

Siem Reap Khmer dance show7.30 pm and many of the waitresses are staring around but mostly at the two people left still on a table eating. The complete hall with hundreds of Chinese visitors is empty. The dance show is over and most tables with lots of leftovers are already cleaned. Siem Reap Khmer dance showAs if a hurricane struck the venue and the stillness after a hurricane. One reason that the organization decided to do the buffet and the dance show at the same time, is that if they do the buffet first, there will hardly be people waiting for the dance show, as the Chinese come for the food and maybe take 5 minutes pics of the show and leave.

The Chinese effect you can call it, but it’s not really the idea of a buffet according to other nationalities standards, whereby you eat slow, do a few rounds of food and in the mean time take enough time to see the show. Overall, the whole Khmer Dance Show & Buffet leaves you with a bit of disappointed feeling. It could be managed and organized in a better way whereby every visitor gets an optimal positive experience. Something is missing now. An impression of the dance show can be seen hereĀ


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