Jomtien beach near Pattaya (Gulf of Thailand)

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien BeachJomtien is actually a town bordering Pattaya, 3 km south of it, but you can see it as a part of Pattaya.The Pattaya floating market is located in Jomtien for example. The Jomtien area is known to be a more quiet place than Pattaya. This also counts for both the beaches. Especially when you get yourself a bit to the end of the Jomtien beach road and take a chair there. You will be charged 50 baht for the chair and table.

The Gulf of Thailand has three bays around Pattaya. One of the bays is Pattaya beach and another bay is Jomtien beach.

Many restaurants can be found at Jomtien beach road serving all kinds of food. Western food or Thai food. Halfway the Jomtien beach road there is a nightmarket where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, food, have a drink and eat and much more. Worth a visit for sure. On the other side of the road you have a wide boulevard that borders the beach. Perfect for jogging and walking.

Hotels and apartments

Jomtien BeachYou will find a lot of condominiums, apartment towers, for rent or to buy. To rent a condo, the price is somewhere around 12000 thb for a fully furnished one. A pool is available. You can find cheaper ones too. Further there is a tower from where a cable car is going along the coastline.

Beside the many Thais living around Jomtien beach, there is a large number of expats living there too. All kinds of nationalities, although Russians and Scandinavians are the majorities. Hotels are available on the Jomtien beach road and in the many side streets of it.

The prices vary of course but you can have a nice hotel with pool, fridge, air conditioning, balcony, TV for around 600 baht per night, breakfast included. It depends a bit on the season and if you book from one of the many bookings sites. Those sites have sometimes discount offers, but it has to be said, they can also be more expensive at times, as when you book in the hotel itself.



As if you are a magnet, all the sellers come to your chair. Need sunglasses, swim pants, (fake) Adidas shirts, massage, hand readers, souvenirs, etc.? It all comes to you and on many of those things you can bargain when you’re planning to buy. WJomtien Beachhen you get hungry, don’t worry. Soon there will pass by someone selling fried prawns, spring rolls, chicken, crab and other snacks for 15-35 baht a small plate. Everything will be available for an enjoying time at the beach. The sellers are in huge numbers, but individually not too much bothering you when you say no.



Jomtien BeachSwimming is of course the easiest thing, but the water is often too dirty for snorkeling. Jomtien BeachFurther there is the possibility for jet ski, parasailing, sit on bananas or donuts behind a speedboat and more. Overall, Jomtien beach offers all you need for a nice day on the beach. Further you can find speedboats to bring you to Koh Larn island.

How to get there

Jomtien BeachThere is a bus going at least once per hour from Subharnabhumi airport in Bangkok to Pattaya and that goes all the way to Jomtien too. Jomtien BeachA bus from any of the bus stations in Bangkok takes you there in around 2 hours. Within Pattaya you can make use of the very cheap public transport, like the blue pick-up cars where you step in the back. Raise your hand to make one stop for you, ring the bell when you want to get out. They drive almost as in a row, so many, so you hardly have to wait longer than a minute to catch one of those. The price is 10 baht for short distance and 20 for long distance. Above the driver you can see Jomtien-Naklua route to be sure you have the right one.

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