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Jasaan grab taxi from CDOLocated in the province of Misamis Oriental (MisOr) lies Jasaan. On a distance of about 30 km from CDO (Cagayan). The province name might sound exotic but that’s far from the truth. There are no proper beaches or development in some sort. There is one provincial highway from the airport along the coastline to Balingoan port which connects you to Camiguin Island. With such an enormous coastline you can say that this is an underdeveloped part regarding opportunities for tourism. CDO is urban and has little to nothing to offer regarding vacation possibilities. Jasaan is even worse with hardly any decent hotels and just one 7 eleven and a convenience store and the rest only local shops or markets at Villanueva.

Jasaan dirty beachNo outing possibilities except for pools and Sagpulon fall. Just noise from the national road that passes almost all the accommodations. No proper beaches nor good restaurants according to western or holiday standards. The price to get from CDO to Jasaan is over 600 ($12) peso by Grab or taxi. A local Jeepney or bus cost you max a 100 peso. Grab is usually cheaper around Asia than normal taxi’s except for CDO and Jasaan area where you pay more than a normal taxi. It takes you about an hour.


Stone seats tables at the poolThere are plenty of swimming pools in resorts like Spring View Resort, Laga Pool and Golden Dream Sping Resort. Interesting names like the beaches. Just local standard with locals only swimming there but as an alternative for the disappointing beaches in Jasaan just as in Cagayan, it might be something better than nothing.

Falls closed, but just walk along to get there anywaySpring View Resort is the nearest one from Villanueva. The name indicates more than it really is. The compound exist of four pools of which most are for kids. Around the pools you’ll find a few small stone tables with stone benches. There are more private and bigger spaces which exist of iron benches and tables, surrounded by a wall of a meter high. Although the banner at the ticket counter shows the prices of 70 peso for an adult ticket, arriving with four people got a price of 400 which was divided in 200 for the people and 200 for a cottage. The cottage turned out to be one of the stone tables with benches. Confusing the least. It’s allowed to bring your own food and drinks from outside although drinks can be bought in the compound too.

The price of a private tuktuk from Villanueva to the resort and back depends on how many people but for a single person it cost around a 100 peso ($2). A public tricycle charges around 20 peso one way.

Sagpulon Falls

Bamboo bridge to avoid the collapsed bridgeLocated in Aplaaya, Jasaan you find Sagpulon Falls. As per Sept 2019 the falls were officially closed until further notice. A nearly collapsed suspension bridge or a local swimmer got a falling rock on him and died could be reasons. When it’s officially closed no entrance fee has to be paid but you’re still able to walk ahead. Not over the suspension bridge but over some bamboo sticks over a stream. You walk the stairs and follow the path for a few minutes and you reach the end point, the Sagpulon Falls.

When you’re a nature lover or falls lover then this is by far the only interesting place in about 60 km between airport, CDO and Jasaan. Falls can be found all over Asia. This one belongs to the top category. Much better than Kulen Mountain in Cambodia or Tad fane in Laos but less than Kuang Si by Luang Prabang in Laos or Huangguoshu  in China. In a normal situation when it’s open for visitors you can swim at the bottom of the over 100 mtr high fall. When that clear water isn’t enough then there is a pool almost connecting it. A platform house, toilets, picnic or hangout space. A peaceful and great place to be.

If Sagpulon falls officially opens again after the rain season is not known but when you’re near and it says temporary closed, keep walking the few minutes. You’ll be literally the only person around. It can’t get more peaceful than that. You can catch a tuktuk at the center of town to the falls for some 200 peso ($4) two ways.


Jasaan accomodation info at booking sitesHotels or Airbnb accommodations can be found around Jasaan but think twice what you’re looking for. In case you’re thinking to choose a green and white apartment (house) or the neighboring orange and white one, then you better have a car. Be prepared for a 24/7 noise from and the highway at your front door and the air con that sounds like a tractor at your bed. Also be prepared for lack of water and when there is water, it looks white instead of transparent. Wifi is missing 50% of the time too and in the whole house is not a single mirror to shave or for other purpose.

Govt. warning for Dengue fever at your doorstepYou can cook yourself but there is not a single knife to cut anything to cook. An unstoppable ants invasion does the rest for your cooking and if that’s all not enough…. think about your health. Northern Mindanao is the province with the most Dengue fever in the Philippines and you might find a govt. warning paper on your doorstep.

Unfortunately nothing of this is mentioned on Airbnb or Agoda. However, the price of around $18 a night for an accommodation worth $5 says a lot. Be warned, forget about about Jasaan. In case you want to visit the falls, just do that on your way to Camiguin or up and down on a single day from CDO.

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