Jalan Alor & Changkat – Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Alor area food, bars and hotels

Jalan Alor 1Jalan is the Malay word for road or street. You will see this word everywhere. This road is called Alor. Jalan Alor is famous because of its streetfood. Located in the Bukit Bintang area. Around the corner lies Changkat, also called bar street. The street is famously known for its bars and restaurants. Beside this, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses located at both Jalan Alor and Changkat. Hotels like Aura hotel and Alor Boutique hotel are located at Changkat, there where Jalan Alor starts. Rooms will cost around $22 a night. It needs to be mentioned that Malaysia isn’t a cheap country to live or travel. It is more expensive than Thailand for example. Especially when you like a beer or glass of wine with your dinner.


At Changkat there are plenty of massage places and the people working there are standing on the sidewalks. They can be pretty annoying by times, especially when you’re a men walking alone there. Girls might hang on your arm to convince you to take a 30 minutes massage. At Changat lies also the very big Soleil hotel. Down on the street there might be some guy asking you if you are interested in girls from all over Asia for sex in hotel Soleil. On the 5th floor is a spa and a prostitute scene.

Shopping & Food

Jalan AlorFor shopping you can go to one of many supermarkets at Changkat.

The time that you can eat on the street at Jalan Alor is between 4 pm and 3 am, which is the closing time for the bars at Changkat. This once upon a time red light area has become the place to eat cheap food, but is it really cheap? As long as you don’t drink a beer with it, it can be called cheap, but that would be more in comparison to the food you can eat in bars/restaurants elsewhere. A pretty small noodle meal (mee) plus a small beer cost you easily between $7 and $10. Up to you if you call that cheap or not. Maybe it says more about the other restaurants than about Jalan Alor places.

ChangkatMost menu cards have the same food items. There is plenty of choice and cooked in Malaysian style. Sateh is a favorite order. Menu cards might be in Chinese but there are plenty in English too, as the people eating on Jalan Alor are from all kinds of nationalities. Locals, Chinese and westerners are mixed up eating the food.

Jalan Alor and Changkat roads and area are absolutely worth a visit when you are in Kuala Lumpur.

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