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Internet & Tech

  • In Cambodia a stricter monitoring of internet and social media is needed according to authorities. Not only FB and the like, but also Messenger and WhatsApp need to be more controlled.Intel investment in Vietnam
  • Intel invests $475 mil. in a facility in Vietnam for 5G and Core manufacturing.
  • Vietnam hopes to have 500 hi-tech manufacturers and 200 agriculture companies using hi-tech by 2030.
  • Thailand stayed the world number 1 regarding online banking of its people. 68% internet users say they use the apps monthly while the worldwide average stands at 38.7%. Thailand ranks 2nd with mobile payments with 15% higher number than worldwide.Vietnamese most active on internet
  • Vietnamese spend every day 6 hrs and 47 min on internet. The global average is 6 hrs and 54 min. Internet usage of South Korea was 5 hrs and 37 min. The Chinese spend 5 hrs 22 min on internet daily. Japan comes last with only 4 hrs and 25 min.
  • Vietnamese spend 2 hrs 21 min on social media per day. Followed by Singaporeans, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. For the 6th straight year the people of the Philippines spend most time on internet and social media per day. The net 10 hrs 56 min and social media 4 hrs 15 min.

Airport / Airlines

  • All Vietnam Airlines passengers get to see a video about rhino horns in order to make them more aware.All Vietnam airlines passengers must now watch a video about rhino horn
  • Vietjet airline recorded a $3 mil. profit over 2020 despite all the lockdowns.
  • Nepal is committed to start with the construction of a new international airport in Nijgadh. Located 175 km south of Kathmandu it needs to become an alternative for congestion at the Kathmandu TIA airport. Unfortunately millions of small and large trees need to be felled for this new project.
  • Malaysian airline will introduce a passenger reconciliation system on KLIA 1 & 2 terminals.More real-time data on passengers at Malaysia Airlines

Other News

  • In Thailand the registration to grow hemp has opened. Seeking registration to grow hemp for all purposes.
  • 2 gay men were publicly whipped in Indonesia’s Aceh under Shariah law for having sex. Four others got whipped 17 times for extra-marital affairs and 40 times for drinking alcohol.Indonesia daned 2 men for having gay sex
  • Many Indian states introduced a new law against forced conversions of religion. This takes the freedom of women who want to marry a Muslim man.
  • Thai export to Myanmar got a halt because of the coup there.
  • The military leader of Myanmar sent a letter to the Thai PM who has experience in organizing a coup and stay in power. The request was to help explain how to manage this all. More here Myanmar leader writes to PM (
  • Phnom Penh polics strengthen management on foreigners and crimesCambodian police is going to strengthen the control of foreigners working and living in Phnom Penh and crackdown on crimes. There are in this city 16300 foreigners of 99 nationalities. There were last year 198 arrests of which 2 rapes, 12 kidnappings, 1 homicide, 10 fraud, 8 drug trafficking, 3 use of weapons, and the list goes on.

More News

  • A 20 year old Cambodian girl got rescued from China after being trafficked for marriage.
  • A group of foreigners with their Thai wives filed a complaint against an assistant bank manager for fraud. The amount was in the tens of millions oNepal communist party organises strikes (banda)f baht and the money was taken out from their accounts.
  • There were nearly 444,000 Vietnamese workers in Japan in 2020. Also 419,000 Chinese and 185,000 Filipinos worked there.
  • Nepal communist party is back to what they know best. Organizing Nepal Bandha, strike whereby the whole country comes to a standstill as long as it takes. Taxis were torched again.
  • Red water in Indonesian villageA Chinese company director attempted suicide after murdering his Vietnamese girlfriend.
  • An Indonesian village got flooded with red water. Good for conspiracy theorists but in fact the source was a leakage at a hair dye factory.

And the news

  • A decade in the planning but none of the 4 underground parking lots are constructed in Saigon.Indian news
  • A Thai school director resigned after charges of rape and carrying a gun.
  • Nepal govt has still difficulties to start the ring road expansion around Monkeytemple, Kalanki to Maharajgunj.
  • India is considering a 4 days working week, but with the same number of total hours.
  • The prices of Bangkok’s skytrain system is way too much. The full length green line cost over a hundred baht and that with a minimum wage of 330 baht a day. This way the traffic jams will never be solved. The price in Paris is 5% of daily wage and in Tokyo 9%. In China over 3% but in BKK over 10%.Bangkok skytrain too expensive
  • A Thai cop got shot dead after warning drinkers at a petrol station.
  • A mix up between Wuhan city and the name of a hip hop band has sparked feud between China and Canada.


  • A gambling den was busted in a Thai village near the Cambodian border. The gambling UN worries about convicted for Thai critisismwas taking place in shipping containers.
  • UN Human Rights watch is deeply concerned about the rising number of people arrested and jailed for criticizing the monarchy in Thailand.
  • 109 party goers on Koh Phangan were fined. Police raided three sixty bar and caught 89 foreigners and 20 Thais.
  • A Vietnamese man was arrested for transporting $86.000 cash over the border to Cambodia for which he received $9 to do.River Kwai boats busted for drugs
  • 21 of 53 on a party boat on the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi tested positive for drugs.

Tibetan / Uighur suffering

  • Chinese military helicopters were seen flying over Potala palace shortly after the US congress passed a Tibetan policy and support act.Chinese military choppers spotted over Potala following a new US act
  • Meanwhile in another area of Tibet the mantra ‘Om mani padme hum’ was scrubbed and replaced with a Chinese flag and text ‘Long live the motherland’.
  • Teaching Tibetan language in Tibetan schools is declared unconstitutional.
  • What they did first to the Tibetans, they now repeat to the Uighurs. More news about forced rapes,Tibetan mantra replaced by Long Live the Motherland (China)

Covid related

  • A poll shows that most Thais are in favor of vaccination.
  • 21 Vietnam airports tested all employees for Covid.
  • The Prime Minister of Cambodia wants his people to get vaccinated but not himself with the excuse that he is too old. The jab from Sinopharm is allegedly not for people above 65 years of age.Vaccin Sinopharm not for people over 65
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