In Asia – The latest news updates (Aug 5)

In Asia

Just like in every country in the world, there is a stream of news updates in Asian countries. Besides our regular posts about all the topics that you can imagine, we give you news updates. That can be news about corona virus or about many other things like visa, immigration, flights, remarkable stories and more.

In Asia – Vietnam

  • Many Chinese sneakeFlights to Da Nang are suspendedd illegally into Vietnam to gamble or work with companies exploiting priority immigration and bringing in non-experts.
  • Illegal Chinese got caught in Hoi An and other cities. As result is a new corona wave after being 100 days without community spreading of Covid. Danang city is in total lockdown. Other cities also have new cases, which ruined summer holiday for the Vietnamese people.
  • Vietnam is most price sensitive among ASEAN countries. Over 80% of people notice when prices change. When a company increase a price with 1%, their revenue drops 2% because people buy less. In Singapore that is 1.7%, Malaysia 1.9% and Thailand 1.6%.
  • The country bans wildlife imports and close wildlife markets as precaution for virus concerns.

In Asia – Thailand

  • The minister has proposed that foreign inmates should teach English to other inmates. There are about 2000 foreign inmates in Thai jails. If they teach English to locals inmates, they have a better opportunity to find jobs once they get out of jail.
  • The education sector calls for easing of visa for foreign teachers, as there is a shortage. They want foreigners on tourist visa to be able to teach until their non-immigration education visa is ready. Without having to leave the country for that.
  • Easy to implement, hard to give up in some countries. The emergency degree has again been extended with 1 month.
  • 30% of tourism related businesses have exited the market. Bus services, tour operators, souvenir shops, restaurants and the like.
  • The Thai baht got weaker and the US isn’t happy with that. They consider placing Thailand on the list of countries with currency manipulation.
  • Condo prices for Bangkok are declining. Developers offer discounts up to 35%.
  • Money talks. The son of the owner of Red Bull Thailand is no longer on the Interpol or Thai police list. After charges of hit and run in a Ferrari killing a motorbike driver have been dropped, it resulted in a public outcry. Only poor people end up in jail and the rich pay their way out of trouble. This has resulted into a new probe. More here
  • The minimum wage in Thailand is 313 – 336 baht. That comes to a 1500 euro per month. That’s how not poor this country is.
  • Mandatory quarantine cost between 30,000 – 104,000 baht (800-2800 euro), depending on the level of accommodation. Included are food and two covid tests.

In Cambodia

  • More than 30 foreigners were arrested for operating brothels in massage parlors. All in the province of Sihanoukville. Under the arrests were 9 Chinese women and 13 Chinese men. Also 3 Russian men and 6 Vietnamese women.
  • The govt is willing to waive the mandatory $3000 deposit by entry and the health insurance. Only to visitors with a job and covered by a boss. The $160 for swab test, meal and transportation will get included in the price of the first night hotel.
  • Phnom Penh’s Russian market saw it’s sales plunged drastically.
  • Phnom Penh sees a 1000 arrivals a day at the airport. Cambodia’s Angkor Air is all ready to take its share.

In other Countries

  • Philippine authorities imposed restrictions in Manila after a surge in new infections.
  • Nepal is planning to resume international and domestic flights from Aug 17 with strict protocols.
  • The Hindu cremation place of Pashupatinath is set to reopen. Protocols are in place here too. Wonder how they’re going to do that with the upcoming Teej festival, that attract hundreds of thousands.
  • The Mekong is at historical lows. Reasons are the 100+ dams in Laos, 100+ in China, Thailand 9+, Vietnam 16+ and Cambodia 2.
  • Philippine infections top 80,000. People were crammed in a baseball stadium breaking all distancing rules due to people flooding a program to return to their respective provinces.
  • Singapore infections over 50,000. Korea over 14,000. Indonesia over 97,000.
  • A Bangladeshi national has been arrested in Malaysia for criticizing the govt in a documentary on Al Jazeera. The docu was named Locked Up and investigated undocumented immigrants who were extra at risk during the pandemic. This person will therefore be deported and blacklisted for life for entering Malaysia again.
  • Beijing’s cinema’s re-opened with a 30% capacity.
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