Gambling at Casino, Apps or Animals

Gambling Overall

Gambling dicesThis post will give you some overall information about the in some cases illegal activities in some of the Asian countries. Specifically gambling. There is a number of tourists who are visiting Asian countries solely for the purpose of gambling. Other visitors only take an opportunity that arises. Either way do we give information as per our best knowledge. In this post we don’t give info about laws, risks, jail terms, propaganda and so on regarding gambling.

Gambling Casinos

Gambling in CasinoNepal has a few casinos located in the 5-star hotels like Annapurna hotel, Yak & Yeti, Hyatt and a few more. Officially Nepalese citizens are banned of playing although you’ll find them there and every once in a while there is a police raid for that. The majority of customers exists of Chinese, Indians and Tibetans. In these casinos the drinks are usually for free and so were cigarettes plus a buffet. Smoking might be limited to sections or banned over the years though.

In Cambodia there are more casinos than temples. A country nearly completely taken over by China and Chinese love just one thing, gambling. Sihanoukville has a 100k Chinese expats plus around 1000 visitors daily coming by one of the many direct Chinese flights. The city is full of hotels that include casinos.

It doesn’t stop there. Phnom Penh has plenty of casinos too. Mainly created by and for Chinese. Furthermore you can find casinos at the bordertowns of Bavet at the Vietnam border and at Poi Pet at the Thai border. Here just as in Nepal, locals aren’t officially allowed entry. The crime rate involving Chinese increased hugely although we can’t say for sure if this involves gambling or is a result of that.

Laos has casinos and above mentioned counts here too. Vietnam has casinos. The coastline town of Nha Trang that is taken over by Chinese and has therefore many casinos too. Just as some bordertowns. Philippines, Manila has plenty of casinos and Malaysia has them too. The list goes on and on. Thailand and other countries have casinos in operation. Often legal and visible, sometimes more underground and illegal.

Bet Apps

Here it gets somewhat weird. Countries and cities full of casinos but bet apps like Unibet, 188bet, etc. are banned and blocked by those same countries. Cambodia banned them per Jan. 1st 2020. In the Philippines they’re banned much longer while casinos and betting boots on streets can be found everywhere. Often in Thailand you have to deposit on such bet apps through private account holders, which is still safe to do and the apps do work while in Vietnam the apps are banned.

The excuses given are more ridiculous than reasonable: Terrorism, money laundering and the like. Things that can happen in normal casinos too and in corrupt countries it’s all somewhat dubious. The gambling boots in Philippines are there to bet your money on a real match. That can involve boxing or any other sport event.

Cards or Dices

Card game gamblingPlaying card or dice games just with friends at home doesn’t fall under the gambling rules and regulations in countries. Especially during festivals this is a common thing to do in many of the Asian countries. Dashain, Tihar, Tet, Lunar new year and so forth are special times and good to play. As it is often with a lot of money and people in homes that look like home casinos, there are raids here ‘n there. So you’ll be in trouble in such a situation which is no longer an innocent card game.

Animal fights or races

Cockfight gamblingWe don’t know places in Asia where dog fights are organized but cockfights are surely to be found. Cockfights or Gamecocks as it’s called too, dates back to the 16th century. Known as sport, entertainment and time pass. You can bet on the outcome of the fight but keep in mind that it’s often not a fair fight. The locals pull the feathers of the cock to hurt them which makes them angry and agressive. The result is that they jump on each other while having sharp knives tied to their legs. Wounds and blood will soon be visible and one usually dies. The people who put their money on the surviving cock win but as said, it can be manipulated to certain extend.

Laws in Asia

Gambling in CasinoPhilippines: cockfighting is banned one day per year on Rizal day only.

India: there is a ban on cockfighting because of animal cruelty although still popular in two areas of India.

Indonesia: has a ban from the early 80’s but ban or not, cockfighting and betting on it goes on and is still popular.

Wherever you are, just be alert. Be informed and be prepared to lose. Not only with cockfights, but also with gambling and betting on sports matches and events no matter how big your knowledge about it is. Regarding casinos we probably not need to say much about your chances. It might occur on a blackjack table that you hit one more cards with just two chips betting and lose while the Chinese or Indian next playing with huge amounts needed that card that you just played away. You might get comments. We wish you a profitable experience.


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