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Vietnam resumes flightsDomestic flights are already back to business in most Asian countries. International flights not yet, although the first countries are planning it soon. Vietnam’s condition is that a country or area must be at least 30 days without covid cases. On its list to start flying is Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Seoul, Tokyo and Guangzhou.

Thailand considering resume flightsThailand considers a same sort of strategy from the 3rd or the final quarter of the year for international flights. Though, not yet clear about a compulsory 14 days quarantine on arrival. Malaysia isn’t ready yet to open borders and thinks about green bubbles for later this year. Flights between so called safe countries.

Flights – Pay for quarantine

Cambodia requires foreigners to pay for quarantineAll countries let you pay for the quarantine period. You won’t get a choice of accommodation. You can count on a sort of overcharge for the place that you will be locked up. For the food that you need to pay for too. Cambodia comes with prices for anyone entering the country. A foreigner muat pay $5 for a transfer from airport to a waiting center for a covid test. $100 for the test itself. $30 for hotel or center per night while waiting for test result. $30 for three meals per day.

A complete ripp off. Even more incredible, if anyone of the passengers is tested positive all the others go into 14 days quarantine. All must pay a $100 for a test PLUS $84 a day for hotel or facility. This includes security 🤔, laundry, sanitary, doctors. Prices increase for more and a $3000 deposit on arrival is compulsory too. Payable in cash or by card. More here


Nigerians arrested for scammingWhen you go to ATM’s try to pick one with a camera. There are often people that are into skimming. They place something in the ATM that reads peoples cards. They can copy that through a computer to another card. This includes your pin code and your bank account will be emptied or at risk. The perpatrators come often from African countries and are caught in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, to name a few.

Other ways of scams is online. They offer you to invest overseas. They push, threaten or force you. Hack FB or other accounts and have plenty of accomplices and fake ID’s to get millions of dollars in total out of people.

Taxing internet firms

Taxing internet firmsCountries are in search to refill their state coffers. Indonesia passed a law requiring big internet companies to pay vat on sales of their products. The Philippines has introduced a bill to tax digital services too. The Thai bill being handled in parliament talks about non residential companies.

When they earn more than 1.8 mil. Baht from providing digital services they should pay a 7% vat. An expected 3 billion baht will be added to state coffers this way. Gaming, music and video streaming, hotel bookings are some who will be affected by it.


Vietnam pollutionHanoi has the most polluted air of Vietnam past weeks. This is partly related to the heatwave while HCM has a lot more rain. In 2017 alone over 71000 people lost their lives due to pollution. Over 50.000 of them from air pollution. Over 60.000 from heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other pollution related illnesess.


Singapore starts with using Remdesivir for treating covid. The medicine could slowdown the progression of covid in people. Recover faster and give protection from the virus. All will start with trial cases.

Kill the bars policy

Thailand's Kill the Bars policy Thailand’s kill the bars policy knows no limits. Finally restaurants and hotels are allowed to sell alcohol. Bars, clubs and karaoke venues must remain closed. They are considered a greater threat of spreading the virus. Seemingly to forget that most hotels are being used for sexual activities.

Thailand's Kill the Bars policyAnother very strange thing is that film shoots can restart with up to 150 crew and 50 onlookers but a bar with 30 customers is a greater threat?

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