Fatahillah Square (Old Batavia) & Train Station

Fatahillah Square

Fatahilla museum buildingThis is the Indonesian name for Old Batavia. Located in central Jakarta, this square reminds of the Dutch colonial time in Indonesia. Another name for Fatahillah square is Kota Tua, in case you want to explain it to a taxi or Grab driver. The level of English speaking in Jakarta can be surprisingly low. Therefore it’s good to know the local names. Fatahillah Square is easy accessible.

Living statueNo entry ticket boots, mean you can walk around freely. Just some guards to keep traffic out. The square is a peaceful, lovely and characteristic place. With a couple of old Dutch style houses and many bicycles in bright colors for rent, there is enough to remind to the Dutch time.

On and around the square you’ll find so called ‘living statues’. People painted as statues who love to go on pic with you for a small donation. There is a post office, some canons of the old times, the building of the old Dutch city hall ‘Stadhuis’, governor’s office. Several other museums are located at Fatahillah Square too. The Jakarta history museum and museum Wayang, or the puppet museum. On walking distance there is the Museum Bank of Indonesia. A Fine Arts museum and a Maritime museum.


In the past Fatahillah Square had the Dutch name ‘Stadhuis Plein’, or City Hall Square. Fatahilla museum in former Dutch colony City Hall buildingThe place was inseparable from the Batavia City Hall ‘Stadhuis’, as that building lies at the square. The citizens of Batavia came to this square for socialization, selling and buying foods and goods and take fresh water.

Fatahilla Post office and canonThis square functioned again in 1974 and became the icon of the old city of Jakarta.

Cafe Batavia

Batavia cafeAlso located at Fatahillah Square, Batavaia square, is Cafe Batavia. A big building located at one of the corners. Inside you’ll notice the old classis style design of the building and associated an old style matching music in the background. A nice place to take a rest from all the information at museums and walking around on the square. The prices in cafe Batavia aren’t cheap, as it is the perfect location. There are a couple of other smaller places to eat and rest too, which might be somewhat cheaper. A glass of beer in cafe Batavia cost you around $7.

Train Station

Jakarta Kota train stationNearby Fatahillah Square on walking distance is the train station of Kota Tua, Stasiun Jakarta Kota. Not that there is much to do in the station except catching a train.

Jakarta Kota train stationIt still might be worth visiting to see both outside and inside of the building and if there are some traces of old European colonial styles to be seen.

Video impression

of old Batavia, Fatahillah Square, Cafe Batavia and the trainstation

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