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InterNations have rated Vietnam 56th from 60 destinations for expatsThe world’s largest expat community InterNations have rated Vietnam 56th from 60 destinations. It’s an environment and sustainability ranking based on eight factors. Out of those 8 factors they are in bottom 10 in 7. Air quality, water & sanitation, power supply, waste management, natural environment, availability of green goods and recycling scored all bad.

Anyone who is stuck in a country can be called an expat after 6 months or longer. Thailand issued many warnings that foreigners had to extend their visa around the end of Sept. This after free renewals until that date. Now suddenly at the last moment, when most people extended, they gave another grace period till Oct 31.

The American expat that got himself in trouble after posting a negative review on Tripadvisor already lost his job because of it. He also faced a defamation case but he can get away with that when he apologizes to hotel and staff and have it published in all the media outlets in Thailand.


The revenue of Angkor park in Cambodia has decreased with 75% compared to last year over the first 9 months. In Sept there were only 2958 foreign tourists bringing in nearly $125,000. Part of the revenue goes to the 5 children hospitals of Kantha Bopha in Cambodia. So far this year the archaeological park made almost 18.5 million dollar. Remember that Cambodia is one of very few countries that is open to tourists by air but not without paying an insurance and $2000 deposit by entry on top of a quarantine of two weeks.Thai hotels try to make use of the fame of Angkor by making an identical design of the temples at their hotels

Meanwhile more Thai hotels try to make use of the fame of Angkor by making an identical design of the temples at their hotels. Something that angered Cambodia and Khmer people and they demand apologies and the hotels break it down.


China brought the corona disaster to the world but thanks to its regime it is now under control and hundreds of millions of people celebrated the mid-autumn festival. Domestic travelers, often without masks.

Unfortunately they won’t stop there Tibet campaign of torture, horror, relocation and more of that. According to a report there are some 500,000 Tibetans into forced labor by China. Another campaign started at monasteries for monks to study the CCP’s (Chinese Corona Party) book of rules.China Tibet campain

Two Chinese are jailed to 14 years for burglarizing Vietnamese companies. The entered Vietnam illegally because they wanted to break into factories.

19 illegal Chinese arrested in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Remarkable stories

The world’s largest lizard is the Komodo dragon which can only be found in small numbers on some islands. Indonesians are not happy with a Jurassic park kind of habitat for them. Remarkable, Black coloring food in Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee is a very good coffee and Starbucks is only third in revenue after two Vietnamese coffee chains. Number one is Highlands coffee chain.

The newly appointed top cop of Thailand has ordered postponement of drink-drive checkpoints. He also ordered to install 5000 extra cameras in Bangkok.

A growing trend in Vietnam is the black coloring of food.

30 tons of garbage were left behind after a boat racing festival in Laos.

A raccoon sneaked into a US container for Vietnam and survived the cooling container.

In Vietnam when you’re fed up with your girlfriend, you just sell her for pocket money. A 20 year old boy sold his girl to China for $645. Remarkable, Raccoon travels from US to Vietnam

In the Philippines having sex with a 12 year old is legal as long as it’s consensual. Might it be the reason why it’s a hotspot for pedophiles there? But the law is about to be changed.

Expat & Travel

Despite a number of 600 – 1000 new corona cases per day, Nepal is opening up for the winter climbing season. A 7 day quarantine is mandatory at arrival and two tests too. Rules that the mountaineering and trekking agencies disapprove of. Other tourists are not yet welcome. Requirements are advance hotel bookings of at least 7 days. Health certificate and a covid related insurance that coversVietnam is 9th in a travel magazines most favorite destinations to travel at least $5000 per person.

A second airport is proposed for Hanoi, Vietnam. There is definitely a good hope for the future tourism.

Maldives is the first country to offer a traveler loyalty program in gold, silver and bronze tiers. Tourists will earn points based on their number of visits and duration of stay.

48 hour before the first plane of tourist with a STV (special tourist visa) was about to fly to Thailand, the govt postponed the flight because they’re not ready. Refund will not be given as it isn’t a cancelation but a postponement. Totally disregarding the tourists who paid in advance their complete stay, tickets, visa, and more. More here https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1999715/tourism-minister-raises-caveat-on-reopening

Vietnam is 9th in a travel magazines most favorite destinations to travel. Indonesia is 6th and Thailand 7th in the ranking. Sri Lanka is 2nd.

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