Expat health insurance prices & cover

Expat health insurance

Expat health insurance has different conditions and usually a much higher price than a travel insurance. There are hundreds of insurance companies that offer you a quote. Once you request a quote they hardly leave you alone. You’ll be flooded with phone calls and (spam) mails.

Most of the expat health insurance companies offer/require more or less the same for a health insurance. Individual requirements make it somewhat complicated to give a full insight. Below we give you an indication about an average expat health insurance. Details can vary per company though.

Expat health insurance – prices

The following prices are approximately. It starts with the amount of so called ‘own risk’ or excess that you choose. The money that you pay yourself first before your expat health insurance starts to cover costs. The higher the amount you choose to pay yourself for health issues, the lower your insurance price will be.

To give you an estimation. By a €0 excess you pay monthly €201. By a €500 excess you pay monthly €186. You can even go to a €5000 excess which will leave you with €101 monthly payment. You can choose USD as currency too. Tax and levies are not included in the prices and depend on country of residence.

What is covered

Overall the ensurance covers a list of 18 points and under many of those 18 points are several things covered. Outpatient services, prescribed drugs, diagnostic tests and procedures like MRI and CAT. Physiotherapy, oncology, hospitalization, surgery, ambulance, repatriation of mortal remains. Mammograms, prostate screening, newborn care, vaccinations, annual medical check-up, some dental and much more.

For the exact covered treatments it depends if you take the basic lowest cost one, the premium one or the most expensive one.

Not covered

Maybe more important to know are the 8 points that are not insured. Pre-existing ailments and associated conditions. This one is tricky and might leave you uncovered once it comes to the point. Insurance companies are like wolves and are well-known for trying to undo cover this way. You’ve got to proove that a particular cancer, virus or syndrome wasn’t already in your body at an earlier stage. Or that your illness isn’t related to something else.

Other things not insured are suicide and self inflicted injuries. Cosmetic and weight loss. Treatment over €1000 that hasn’t been pre-approved. 20% of dental cost. Dementia or psychogeriatric conditions. Maternity costs in first 12 months. Hereditary, congenital abnormalities or birth defects.

Unclear & doubtful

Many of the uninsured things mentioned are unclear or doubtful. Can be twisted and seen from different perspectives. The complete list of terms & conditions is often too long. Written in a way you can’t understand. The so called helplines are there primary for themselves, but secondary for you.

Be aware of the risks, whatever expat health insurance you choose.


Before you choose a particular health insurance you should know the impact of the corona vrus on it. The WHO has classified covid as a pandemic. Insurers concider this a known event and will not covered it.

Not covered: when travel restrictions are in place. Cancellations related to travel restrictions or covid.

Covered: emergency medical and repatriation cost. As long as you’re not traveling against travel advice. Cancellation cover not related to covid. They will look at the shift of travel dates. There are some more extended clauses to look after.

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