Expat health cover – obligations, restrictions & more

Expat health cover

Health insurance for expatsAn expat health cover can be found all over the world and internet. Of course, health insurance companies are too often nowhere to be seen when they need to payout. The list with so called covered illnesess is long but the list with terms & conditions is longer. Many of those terms & conditions are unclear, so they leave room for doubt and can be interpreted in more than one way. That’s why we don’t discuss that here but we do give some clearance about other important rules.

Expat health cover – Obligations

Happy (ignorant) expatWhat are your obligations in order to be insured and be covered. First of all you must pay. Monthly or per year doesn’t matter but being late gets you in trouble. You need pre-authorization for treatment. The fixed amount for authorization can vary per expat health cover company. You must provide any information to assess your claim.

You have to inform the insurer immediately of any change in circumstances, occupation or moving of country. Also you must tell when you have more insurances for the same. You need to get a dental check-up to proove the status before this cover becomes available. These are just some overall points. Some expat health cover companies may have additional points.


There can be restrictions on getting an expat health cover. Often there is an age limit (65). Insured persons must be resident outside their country of nationality for at least 6 months per calendar year. Cover outside your requested area is limited to 30 days per trip and €50.000 per event. This last point may vary per company.


Start – End 

Lots of promisses for expat ensuranceThe term of the contract is 12 calendar months unless agreed otherwise in writing. The agreement will be renewed automatically and payment taken. Unless you don’t want to continue which needs to be announced as per strict rules. The policy start and end date will be mentioned on your insurance schedule.

Cancelation of the contract can be done within 14 days after purchase. Only when no claims have been done. Otherwise the contract runs for 12 months.


Inaurance companies are champs in leaving room for doubt and misinterpretations. The above mentioned topics can all vary in time frames, amounts and limitations per company. It also depends on the insurance that you take. A basic one, a premium one or the one with most cover. It will always be a hard choice and due to corona even harder.


Expat health ensurance and covid-19 Before you choose a particular health insurance you should know the impact of the corona vrus on it. The WHO has classified covid as a pandemic. For insurers this means that it is a known event and will not be covered.

Not covered: when travel restrictions are in place you won’t be covered. Cancellations related to travel restrictioms or covid.

Expat health ensurance and covid-19Covered: emergency medical and repatriation cost. As lomg as you’re not traveling against travel advice. Cancellation cover not related to covid. Shift of travel dates will be looked at. There are some more extended clauses to look after.

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