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Education takes on many forms. We give you some of it in our news update from Asia.

  • School dress rulesBelieve it or not, but Thailand is trying to keep up a conservative image. There is still a law that tells how students need to be dressed and what types of hairstyle is needed. With the ongoing student protests there is change in the pipeline. As students put some of the rules under human rights issues. The new rules will be gender neutral but dyeing of hair, beards and mustaches will remain prohibited.
  • Thailand has banned pornhub because of a long time circulating video of its king. A typical education video of him. Porn site blocked
  • Some sort of education is snitching on each other. Hong Kong has opened a hotline for people to snitch on each other. Something that in many western countries happens since long.
  • What else education. The Swiss media reports that the Thai king pays people to wear a yellow shirt. Gives them pocket money, free beer and food. A king with an estimated $40 billion in wealth can easily do that.
  • To do some damage control: the Thai king (who else) gives 128 mil baht to improve health facilities in 19 prisons. Umm, was it his money or the tax payers money?


  • The world’s largest expat community InterNations had a survey under the expats. Last year some 90,000 foreigners worked and lived in Vietnam. American expats chose Ho Chi Minh City as the cheapest place to live with a typical monthly cost of $462. Now the article of the Vietnam Express gets confusing. It’s not mentioned but it seems to be for just the rent of an apartment and not Ho Chi Minh City appartment buildingsincludes food and other things. Later on in the same article the price for a one bedroom apartment in HCMC is $560 while Bangkok apartments are around $665 and Kuala Lumpur around $510. Confusing but in any way, you can’t call this really cheap. Besides, it would be better to tell the whole story of cost of living, quality of living, pollution, transportation, etc.
  • This in connection with the fact that most Vietnamese cannot afford ‘affordable housing’. A 33 year old Vietnamese graphic designer makes around $1080 a month. With one child and a second on its way the savings are small and it will take ten years to have enough to be able to buy but by that time the prices of apartments are up.


  • A new tourist attraction is in the making in Nha Trang, Vietnam. A submarine tour trial of 2 years will start. The owner, Vinpearl, a part of the huge Vingroup, that also owns an island in front of Nha Trang bay. Submarine tour in VietnamThe submarine will be able to carry up to 24 people and can go to a depth of 100 meters.
  • Thai travel agent association urges quarantine free travel in connection with a travel bubble. Most South-east Asian countries have their house in order regarding COVID-19. Months without new cases.
  • Vietnam won three prizes at the 2020 World Travel Awards. It surpassed Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand. Votes were cast by travel industry professionals and the public. Vietnam Airlines won an award. The three categories won were Culinary, Culture and Heritage.DJ's make music in tuktuk
  • Four expats ‘stuck in Cambodia’ (what’s the definition of expat?) came up with the idea to shoot a music video from a riding tuktuk. The DJ’s hope to support Cambodia’s tourism this way and give back to the country.
  • 400.000 travelers made use of the long holiday/weekend within Cambodia.

Remarkable stories

Corona financial impact in Vietnam

  • The Thai govt competition watchdog has approved a $10.6 billion take-over of Tesco Lotus retail by CP-group. This group also operates the 12,000 7-Eleven branches and 134 branches of Makro in Thailand. Still according to authorities this will not be a monopoly. CP group is owned by Chearavanont family. With $27 billion net worth the wealthiest of Thailand and the 13th richest of the world.Tibetan woman dies in Chinese detention
  • Almost 22 million Vietnamese suffered from Covid related job loss or income reduction.
  • 28% of Cambodia’s imported cigarettes are contraband.
  • Another Tibetan has died in Chinese custody. The reason she was detained was because of sending money to family in India. Contact with Tibetans abroad is seen as endangering national security.
  • A 56 year old American is detained for 3 months and still waiting deportation. He threatened US embassy staff and the ambassador.
  • Vietnam is among top performers of the global law and order survey. Singapore topped this list.

More remarkable

  • Asylum is a hot topic for European countries. For all the people who support asylum: ever wondered how it comes that Asian countries reBrahmins have predicted enough rain for next yearfuse to take asylum seekers? A rich country as South Korea took just 164 people from the 6000 applicants.Strange halloween message from South Korea Japan, Thailand and more rich Asian countries do not want those kind of people. The list for Korea was 18% Russian applicants, followed by Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and India.
  • A flight between Hanoi and HCMC was delayed after a passenger burned a paper towel.
  • Korea had a remarkable Halloween message (see picture).
  • Good to know for Cambodia that the Brahmins have predicted enough rain for next year. The farmers will be happy.
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