Dark Mansion in George Town – Penang

Dark Mansion

Dark Mansion - George TownThe Dark Mansion, 3D “Glow In The Dark” Museum, is located near Komtar tower and Prangin Mall in George Town. You take the road of hotel Kimberley, pass the hotel and turn left at the first road. You have the Dark Mansion immediately at your left hand side. The opening time is between 10 am and 6.30 pm, although the last visitors can enter at 5.30 pm. The ticket price for an adult is 35 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), but they don’t tell you that it’s actually a bit more expensive than that because of the tax. Total ticket price therefore is 37 MYR. which is over $8,5 or nearly €8.

They say that a tour through the Dark Mansion takes approx 1 hour, but honestly, walking in and out of the 4 small rooms can be done in 20 minutes. Sure, the paintings and light effects are nice, but not something to stare at for an hour. For that I would call it rather expensive compared to other other attractions in Malaysia.

Glow in the Dark

Dark Mansion - George TownGlow in the dark is mostly a light effect. From sunflowers to stars, plants, fish and butterflies. Once you hang a few neon lights in the dark, it all looks suddenly as shining and wonderful. You do get to see the transitions of the same thing or painting from light to dark.

There are guides that show you and explain a bit. The first thing when you enter is the possibility to color your finger nails or hand with some glow in the dark colors. The guide honestly looked surprised when I skipped that. They ask you to sit in the small tent to take a pic of you, with your own camera. It makes the Dark Mansion, Glow In The Dark exactly what the impression gives, a nice and funny place for kids. For adults it’s a rather disappointing 30 min time pass.

Edgar Mueller

Dark Mansion - George Town - Edgar Mueller paintingThe museum is connected with the for some well known German 3D street artist Edgar Mueller. This man is one of the world’s top 3D illusionists. Much you can see of him on YouTube. Edgar has Guinness book records and his paintings were at the Shark Street art in Hong Kong and the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida. The painting at The Dark Mansion in George Town, Penang is absolutely fantastic. The same painting, made on a flat floor in a room of about 25 m2, gives a 3D effect thanks to the light and changes from a kind of waterfall into a lava stream.

On pic you can see the effect well, but when you are in the room itself, the 3D effect was quite disappointing. As said, the Dark Mansion, 3D glow museum is nice for kids. I would call it an overrated and overpriced place to visit. Something in the category been there, done that.

More info can be found on the website of The Dark Mansion.

Other attractions in Penang are the Great Wall of Penang, Mural Art. The Miniature Weld Quay and Traditional Trades exhibit. The Trick Art Gallery. The Augmented Reality display and an Interactive Museum. All in all there is more than enough regarding arts and attractions in Penang.

Video impression

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