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Danang Marble Mountains where & how

Marble mountains is located just about 15 min south of Danang. You can rent a motorbike/scooter to get there for $5-$7 a day. A license is not needed to rent one and police checks aren’t in the direction of Marble Mountains and in Danang center. As being told, they do check at the bridge’s direction over the river. You follow the beach road to the south and will soon see the hills.

You can park the bike at many places but usually the many shop owner ladies will approach you and try to push or convince you to park at their shop. They will look after your bike. Some shops even have cctv. Of course, this means that after you’ve ended your visit you are hassled to look in their shops for marble souvenirs. Statues, bracelets, hangers, neckless and much more to choose from. You need a lot of will power to refuse and that’s obviously not really received in a friendly manner. So, to avoid this hassle we suggest that you park at a public place rather than a shop.

Other options to get there cheap are the local yellow bus that goes to Hoi An or take a Grab motorbike or car that drops you there for a fairly reasonable price. At last, you still have the normal taxis that you can choose from.

Marble Mountains

Ngũ Hành Sơn is the Vietnamese name for this cluster of five marble and limestone hills which fall under Marble Mountains at Danang. The Vietnamese name means 5 elements. All of the five mountains have pagodas, temples, caves and tunnels and there are 156 steps to a highest peak point. It’s a small spot from where you can overlook the surrounding area and the sea. Not more than seven people can hangout on that particular uneven rocky spot and with a lot of visitors, mostly Asian and domestic tourists that are taking a lot of pictures. It is neither easy to look around yourself nor pass the spot downhill. You’re forced into waiting mode and Asians from specific countries couldn’t care less about other visitors.

Because of easy extraction the place was known for sculpture making and stone cutting crafts but extraction got banned. The price to get onto the Marble Mountains is 40k dong ($2) and there is a bus/car parking and an elevator for the elderly or wheelchairs.

Caves & War

There are several caves but there isn’t one clear walking direction to follow and that makes it a somewhat disorganized way of visiting. Some people take the right direction while others take the left direction. Or a group goes first to this cave and another group to that cave. What happens is that you meet each other at some point from opposite directions where it is too small to pass each other and therefore there can be a rather long wait for one of the sides. Another minus point regarding no clear walk directions is that you get to points and paths whereby you’re not sure if you’ve been there already. If you came from there. If you’ve seen that.

The caves in itself are not spectacular. Small, carvings, a statue here ‘n there and one of the caves has some small design houses with lights attached to it.

There are public toilets free of charge on Marble Mountains and there are a few places where you can buy drinks and take rest. Water, coconut and beer are all available. The best time to visit is never on a public holiday or weekend, as there will be many locals and domestic tourism.

It is said that during the war that the Vietcong had a hospital in these mountains. In plain sight of the American Danang airfield.

Danang Beaches

Danang is a great location for beach lovers with several beaches. My Khe beach is some 6 km east of Danang. It has resorts, jetski, snorkling and many other facilities and activities. Non Nuoc beach has a length of around 5 km and ends at Marble Mountains. Bac My An beach is another one with diving, windsurfing and more things to do. The nearest from the center is Than Binh beach. It has beach chairs for 40k dong.

Big waves and surfers. Hotels with sky bars along the main road. A great beach. Then there is at some distances Xuan Thieu beach, Tien Sa and Lang Co beach. The list goes on and on. Plenty of choice regarding sea activities and beaches in and around Danang.

Danang Airport

Danang is the third international airport in Vietnam and the gateway to central Vietnam. The airport was used by the French during the Indochine war and by the Americans during their war. As per 2018 the airport handled some 11 million passengers both international and domestic. The biggest share by far are Vietnamese travelers. Hanoi – Danang has weekly 319 flights while from Saigon there are weekly 250 flights. Danang airport (DAD) has two runways and can handle big aircrafts like the 747 Jumbo Jet.

In 2011 a new 20.000 m2 terminal has been built with a cost of $84 million and a capacity of 4 million passengers per year. Another new terminal 2 of 48.000 m2 and a cost of $154 million was completed in 2017. With airlines from Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, Russia, Thailand, HK, China, Singapore, Qatar and more places. Danang airport needed an upgrade. Terminal 2 looks brand new. There aren’t many immigration desks though. A few baggage belts and phone sim shops. For about $10 you have daily 2 GB data for a few weeks. Outside is a sort of globe design and parking. Beware of cheaters. Downtown Danang is not far and shouldn’t cost more than 300k dong.

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