Dakak Beach Resort – Dapitan / Mindanao

Dakak Beach Resort

Dakak beachDakak is an area that looks for wealthy people. A 5 star beach resort with a private beach, activities, pools and restaurants. Even a golf course. You can either book a room for a few hundred US dollars, or you can go visit on a day or evening ticket. The entrance rate for the day tour between 8 am and 6 pm is 1000 php ($20) of which 80% is consumable. The night tour rate between 6 pm and midnight 12 cost 350 php ($7). Once you bought your ticket at the main entrance, you might need to wait a few minutes for an electric vehicle to pick you up and bring you to the end point. The beach with the letters DAKAK just before the sea.

Dakak beachBeach chairs are available although not in big numbers. With two big groups or four smaller groups there won’t be enough chairs. The chairs are either placed under trees in the shade or have big umbrella’s. Bring your own towel. There is a towel point but it’s not clear if that’s only for the pool guests that stay overnight. For most people it’s simply to expensive to stay overnight. Dipolog City is not really an attractive and recommendable place to stay but Dapitan City is a real nice place to book a hotel and go from there to Dakak on day or night ticket.

Food & Drinks

Restaurants can be found on the compound for food and drinks. An Italian restaurant and a Chinese food restaurant. Then there is the restaurant/bar at the beach. A good place with the perfect view over the beach and the clear green waters. With every order you do, you give your ticket to the waitress so that they write down the 80% consumable amount from your ticket price. The prices aren’t cheap but acceptable for a place like this. A can beer for $2 or a shake for 175 php. A plate french fries cost just over $2. Jack Daniels over $6 a glass and Absolute vodka for over $4 a glass. Red wine per glass for over $4.

Beach barThe only negative part of the place can be called the chubby employee who walks around 20 minutes with an angry cry face, complaining about asking french fries with your beefsteak. How dare you to be so unreasonable is his mood and expression. This while you already ordered within 1 min the fries separate. All other waiters and waitresses are of good service with a smile. They will even walk over the beach to bring the order to your beach chair if requested.


Kayak rentalThere are plenty of activities available. 30 min jetski for 3000 php. 15 min parasailing for 2250 php solo or 3750 php tandem. 1 hr Kayaking cost 750 php solo or 1000 php double. 1 hr paddle board for 1000 php. Snorkeling 1 hr good for 5 people cost 3750 php. The banana boat for 15 min cost 3000 php for 5 people. 15 min waterski for 1000 php and then there are two separate boat tours. The speedboat for 5000 php and an outrigger boat for 3500 php. Then of course there is the beach, swimming in the sea. The pool is for guests that stay overnight.

waterskiThe kayak isn’t a real kayak but more of a boat type, as real kayaks should be covered over your legs. This is not a big issue. It has to be said that when you go alone in a kayak through the bay, they do pay attention from far. When the boat makes water, which happened, they come to your rescue just in time with a jetski and another boat attached to it. Of course, they should provide a proper boat in the first place but still, you could be in for a wet adventure. You life saving vest will help you, but not your camera or phone to survive. The activity building is at the right end side of the beach and the prices are not included in your 80% consumable ticket price.

Dakak Location

Dakak entryThe Location of Dakak is a 20 min ride from Dapitan City which is located in the province of Mindanao. This is also the province that had a terrorist group issue in 2018 or so, but that is part of the eastern island of Mindanao. Quite far from Dapitan and controlled by the army of the Philippines that cleared the area as much as possible. Dakak can’t even be mentioned in one paragraph with this problem as Dakak is in one word paradise. The road between Dapitan and the resort goes uphill and downhill and has a lot of curves.

Houses near the seaFrom Manila you need to catch a flight from terminal 3 of Aquino airport to Dipolog City. You arrive before noon so you can either take a hotel for a night in Dipolog or go straight from the airport to the bus terminal of Dipolog by tricycle taxi for about $2 (100 peso). The bus to Dapitan City departs twice per hour. The distance is only around 10 km which can still take up to a half hour drive with a sort of small bus. The price is 25 peso ($0.50) and the bus stops at the terminal in Dapitan or any place it passes before that where you want to get out.

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