Cost of living in Vietnam

Cost of living

Vietnam banknotesThe cost of living in any specific country depends mostly on personal living standards. Besides that it also depends on which city or area you choose to live. Therefore it’s hard to give exact numbers. In this post some overall information about the cost of living in Vietnam.

Cost of living – Rent

Vietnam realestate rentAs mentioned the cost of living regarding accommodation depends on personal demands and place. An appartment in Hanoi or HCM can easily cost more to rent than in other cities. Another factor can be a high demand by expats and other long stayers. Cities like Nha Trang have a high number of Russian and Chinese nationals that create a high demand.

A rough estimation of price range will be anywhere between 1.5 million dong and 10 mil. Dong monthly. Roughly between $70 & $480. The low price for a simple room without aircon or other facilities. In a coast city like Danang or Quy Nhon you can rent a nice room for about $230 or 5 mil. vnd. This includes electricity and water. Not always with a private kitchen but with attached bathroom, a tv, fridge, bed and table.


In case you don’t have utilities included in your rent price some approx estimatian here. Wifi and tv connection cost approx 260k monthly ($12). It can depend on which company or package that you choose. 4G data is quite cheap too.

Vietnam electricity billElectricity bill of course depends on how many rooms have an aircon. How many people live in the house and how many hours at home. Do you cook on gas or electric? The lowest end estimation for your electric bill would be around 300k vnd ($20) monthly. Count on $35 or some more.


Vietnam cost of living FoodThe prices of food. A famous Phô noodle soup in a local restaurant cost about $1.5 and a Ban xeo about the same. A big size pizza at a reputable restaurant about $8.5. An imported steak at a same establishment between $9 and $14. Small bottles of Vietnamese beer between $0.30 and $1.

Tourist areas and establishments always charge most. In malls like the Mega Mart, Big C or COOP mart you can do good shopping for under $25. A bottle of Vietnamese Dalat wine cost around $6 and the Vietnamese coffee $4 a pack. Depending on which quality.

Real estate

Vietnam realestateTill July 2020 foreigners could only own up to 30% of real estate. To attract more high end foreigners the laws are about to change. Foreigners can buy houses but from appointed projects. 22 of those commercial projects will be in Hanoi. The price of between $5500 & $6500 per m2 is lower than in cities as Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. More here


Vietnam visaIt’s hard to give an exact total of monthly spending. For approximately $1000 dollar a month you can live nicely in central Vietnam. This includes a $50 motorbike rent but excludes insurances. Keep in mind the often changing visa prices and rules and 3 monthly visa runs.

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