Behavior / attitude / treatment of locals and tourists

Behavior and attitudeIn addition to our do’s & don’ts posts we give some more information about what is currently or normally going on in Asia. In connection with travel behavior & attitude of foreigners of any kind. Eventually it results in the treatment they get from locals and from authorities.

Behavior overall

Behavior and attitudeWhen you’re living in Asia or traveling in Asia the thing that can help you a lot is the right behavior and attitude. This can be seen from different perspectives though. Depending often on nationalities. Both from the particular Asian country as well as the visitor’s nationality. Attitudes differ even within one and the same country from city to city or from north to south or west. So it does differ between nations and continents too. People are unfortunately to disrespectful.

We just try to summarize some of the attitudes that are used or going around and the results that cause. Up to the change of century in 2000 the foreigners living in asia or going on holidays were different than nowadays. Even the backpacker scene has seen changes. No matter what category you are in, the behavior and attitude you have is ultimately wat you’ll be judged on by the locals in Asia.

Behavior from tourists

Behavior and attitudeTourists can often totally misbehave. Being rude or impolite. Don’t know any of the local cultures and rules or couldn’t care about it. Any country you go and you ask the locals about Chinese travelers will give you the same answer. They are rude, noisy, disrespectful, etc. A bad reputation but they are in huge numbers and bring in lots of money and money talks.

Russians didn’t have a real good reputation. Both these nationalities are highly present in Nha Trang and Sihanoukville. Russians too in Pattaya. Israeli travelers used to have a reputation of wanting everything for free and spend nothing. They don’t eat in restaurants, don’t go to bars and stay in the cheapest places.

Treatment from locals

Behavior and attitudeIn Thailand there is a lot of discrimination going on to farangs. The name for white foreigners. Both from police, immigration and locals. When tourists damage things, steal, walk into temples with shoes on. Some even put their feet on the bus seat in front while a local sit there. Spitting, peeing whereever. Not properly dressed. The list of annoyances and bad behavior is long. The reault is that more and more locals in Asia start treating foreigners more worse.

Overall there is some more respect and better treatment to Asian tourists and visitors except for the Chinese.

Behavior from authorities

Behavior and attitudeAuthorities have their fair share in discriminating and squeezing every penny out of foreigners pockets. The cheats, scams and rip offs are common. In Nepal you visit one of the World Heritage sites where they have three different ticket prices. One for locals, one for SAARC members and one for westerners. The westerners pay easily 5-10 times more to get in.

Ticket prices, visa prices, all things that are at some borders and countries a disgrace. An unwelcoming experience. You will be seen and treated as an ATM machine, not as a human. All sides can improve a lot in many ways. Be humble and respectful is the best suggestion. More here


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