Asian News – festivals/arrests/Khao San/closures and more

Asian News – Vietnam

  • Asian news about a British guy who is sentenced for years because he robbed a 24/7 store when he went there to buy beer. He was having money problems (but not so much that he couldn’t afford to be a drunk).
  • Again Chinese and VietnaVietnam social distancing finesmese are arrested for smuggling Chinese into Vietnam while a Japanese and Chinese are sentenced for trying to smuggle Vietnamese into EU.
  • 3 have been arrested for defrauding around 7000 Americans from 50 US states for about 1 mil dollar to buy sanitizer online.
  • Hanoi airport gets two new runways and terminals with its vision 2050 plan. By 2030 it will have a 63 mil people capacity a year.
  • with 8 mil. motorbikes you wonder if anyone ever took a public bus, but the bus company suffers losses.
  • In western countries many have trouble with following distancing rules and govts have only confusing measures. In Vietnam 400 were fined for violating rules. The same counts for mandatory quarantine. The thousands of domectic tourists stuck in Danang can leave back home but only with a mandatory quarantine.Lower rents in HCM
  • House rent prices have dropped 30% in HCM but a $1000 a month is still the minimum.
  • A Korean has been arrested for being a fraud for over $3 mil.
  • 8 Vietnamese are jailed for pimping for Chinese tourists in Nha Trang while 2 Chinese companions are still at large.

Asian News – Thailand

  • Protest in ThailandAsian news from Thailand starts with hotels asking authorities to give hotel stimulus discounts to expats too.
  • 18 Chinese (who else) have been caught for illegal entry of Thailand. 2 Pakistanis too.
  • Khao San Road to reopen after a 48 mil baht facelift with new rules and regulations for stalls and more here
  • a mass protest of around 10,000 in Bangkok. The students demanding return of democracy among other demands. Some leaders have been arrested already and universities are in trouble.Two substitute holidays in Thailand
  • The hotel rates for quarantine are easily around 50k baht for 2 weeks with many even more expensive and few less.
  • 4 and 7 Sept are declared public holidays. two more as replacement for the postponed Songkran new year.
  • The price of drugs test kits go down to 2500 baht or even less. For employees or schools to check students, employees or potential new ones.

In Cambodia

  • Asian news about the postponed Khmer new year. Celebration and (four) holidays have been held. With an estimated half million domestic travelers but in Siem Reap’s Pubstreet the bars were ordered to close down at 12 in the night.A former Khmer Rouge member has been cleared by court
  • Cambodia’s water festival has been canceled.
  • A former Khmer Rouge member has been cleared by court.
  • After Malaysian and Indonesian flights, now also Philippines flights have been banned as a precaution measure.

In Nepal

  • In Nepal the Covid numbers keep being high and there is no clear plan, no understanding, no health capacity and lack of coordination.
  • Around 300.000 Nepali workers whose visa expiredNepal climbing season canceled can leave the UAE, but Nepal is flip flopping as they don’t have enough quarantine facilities.
  • The upcoming climbing season seems to be canceled which leave the people with related jobs into trouble.
  • International flights will resume from Sept 1 but tourists won’t be allowed. Not that tourists are eager to visit a country with 600-1000 new cases of covid each day.

Other Countries

  • Indonesia keeps its borders closed for foreign tourists to the end of the year of possibly till a vaccine is found. Meanwhile many Aussies are trapped in Bali.Bali closed for foreigners
  • China expands its railway network to 200,000 km.
  • The holiest temple for Tibetan Buddhists is Jokhang, but that temple area is now a no go zone for Tibetans where Chinese tourists are welcome.Lhasa buddhist sites accept Chinese but block Tibetans
  • The Philippines expect 751.000 babies born due to the pandemic. There is a big problem with teen pregnancies. Each year 1.2 million girls between the age of 10 and 19 have a child.
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