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Asian Vietnam

Laughing gas balloons Asian news Vietnam. The authorities have instructed the specific ministry to study ‘funky balls’. Also to add them on the banned drugs list. Those recreational nitrous oxide balloons are known as laughing gas balloons that give a max 10 sec hit. Obviously too much of fun that people are allowed to have. Those balloons are sold in many clubs around Bui Vien tourist area in Saigon. This doesn’t mean it’s a tourist thing. Go to Why Not bar in Nha Trang and you’ll see only Vietnamese youngsters inhaling it. A balloon usually cost 150k dong ($7) or even more.

Vietnam automatic free visa extensionMeanwhile the stranded tourists get a free visa till June 30. After being forced to pay  ridiculous prices earlier for visa $160 a month to around $400 for 3 months.

Asian Thailand

Thailand message boardsLaser beams with messages about a past military crackdown were shown at several places. The progressive movement wants to know the number of red shirts deaths during  the 2010 crackdown.

Monks accused for money launderingSensitive topic in Thailand is monks. Two former monks were found guilty on money laundering charges.

In Cambodia

Cambodia war on drugs Asian news Cambodia. The Philippines leader isn’t the only Asian that has a military strategy regarding war on drugs (20k killed). Also Cambodia’s regime is in the news regarding human rights violations. Amnesty International came out with a report. The anti drugs campaign (Jan ’17 – March ’20) is carried out arbitrarily and hit the poor. The prison population has increased by 78%.

Cambodia money launderingThe EU threatened to put Cambodia on their blacklist regarding money laundering. Now they have caught some money that wasn’t going through legal channels (read stealing banks). Most perpatrators are Chinese.

Covid news

Post corona trafficVietnam is open. Around the famous Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi too. Bars and restaurants too.

The horrible traffic in Asian cities is restarting after lockdowns. Bringing pollution levels back.

Thai safety or Thai arrogance? Whatever you call it. The Thais demanded to take down a tent on Cambodian soil for migrant workers to be checked.

Post corona streetfoodThe new normal/absurd. Eating on the streets in Thailand with screens attached to the tables in the middle.

Internet / economy

Phishing warningA report by OpenSignal showed that from the Asean countries Singapore has the fastest 4G download speed. Followed by Vietnam and Laos. Thaichana is a by Thai govt launched platform that is now being used for phishing by others. More here

Wealth rankBangladesh tops another list followed by Vietnam and China as third. The list shows the fastest growing wealth markets during the period 2010-2019.


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