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Asia News Update

There is always another Asia news update. We give you every 10 days a selection of the news from around Asia. Whether it be about illegal Chinese entries, companies who refuse to pay refunds on tickets, lockdowns, covid numbers, the rich lists and more.

Asia News – Thailand

The Asia news update for Thailand:

  • The Thai cyber authorities received complaints about 8715 URL’s and the courts ordered action against 7164 of those. YouTube removed 1507 out of 1616 URL’s while FB took down 1316 from 4676 URL’s. Facebook also needs to apologize for a mistranslation.
  • The scandal of the rich Red Bull owner’s son goes on. Cocaine was found in his blood, when he got himself into a hit and run with his Ferrari and killed a motorbike driver. Authorities were quick to say that it was in his blood for dental treatment, but de dentists say that they don’t use cocaine for any treatment. To be continued.
  • Red Cross Fair organizer got charged for a mass gathering without masks.
  • 4 people died in a shooting in a gambling den.
  • Thailand plans a ‘Safe and Sealed’ campaign that should attract 500,000 tourists with a package of 100,000 baht per tourist. Double of what they spent before the virus crisis. People from ‘Safe’ cities are welcome but with health certificates, insurance and mandatory swab tests.
  • New protests against the regime and the current constitution and as it once was with the yellow and red shorts protests. Now to there is another group who protest in favor of the regime and the highest institution, the monarchy. Arrests of protest leaders are made of course.
  • Thais are great discriminators and that became only confirmed by marathon organizers banning foreigners from participating. After some outcry they changed their opinion and rules.

Asia News – Vietnam

  • A famous Vietnamese pop singer was fined $323 for posting fake news about Covid on her FB page.
  • Tens of Chinese illegals in Vietnam over the past few weeks. A motel manager is arrested for accommodating many of them.
  • HCM fined over 800 people for not wearing a mask. The fines are between $4 – $13.
  • There are now 15 death of coronavirus and cities are back into (partial) lockdown.
  • 8 people are sentenced for planning to organize a demonstration.
  • Almost weekly people are sentenced to death in Vietnam. Mostly for drugs smuggling. The latest were a Singaporean, a Cambodian, Vietnamese.
  • Vinamilk, Viettel, Mobifone, Vietcombank and more companies increased the total wealth with 17% to tens of billions.
  • Vietnam looks for plasma treatment of the virus.
  • The population is among the biggest money savers.
  • Over 63,000 shops and business have closed this year.
  • Saigon ZOO has an $800k loss this year.

In Cambodia

The Asia news update for Cambodia:

  • Not only Vietnam is coping with illegal entry and crime of Chinese, so is Cambodia. 22 Chinese were caught for illegal entry and operating a gambling den.
  • All AEON Malls stopped with giving small dollar notes as change. Everything paid with $1, $2, $5, $10 notes will get change in Khmer riels.
  • Over 110.000 foreigners are still in Cambodia. Many are stuck because they didn’t get tickets refunded.
  • Cambodia thinks they’re so great by reducing the quarantine time for some experts and insured people. Together with reducing the $3000 entrance deposit to $2000, but only for people with jobs where the boss offers insurance and back up. All paperwork must be dealt with before flying.
  • As everywhere, tourist numbers are little this year so for Angkor and whole of Cambodia too.
  • Distancing measures at Phnom Penh airport are hardly followed by most travelers. As you can see in pic, the travelers are hardly any westerners.

In Other Countries

  • In Laos, you already guessed it…. 34 illegal Chinese have been deported.
  • 15 Indonesian billionaires made the Forbes 2020 rich list. The Hartono brothers are the richest.
  • Japan has extended its entry ban for foreigners.
  • Although the Philippines had the strictest military approach to the virus, with a crackdown and lockdown. It hasn’t helped them much. Manila is back in a (partial) lockdown while the numbers keep growing. Unfortunately not enough reason to think of a failed approach. Between March and July some 70,000 people were arrested because of violations regarding covid.
  • Philippines records often days with some 5000 infections and the total stands over 100k.
  • 40 million Chinese men need to look for a wife abroad this year. This as a result of the one child policy, that left girls aborted. Countries for wives and often human trafficking for the matter are Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
  • Maldives is much open for tourism. India extends financial aid to Maldives to keep China away.
  • India’s number are shockingly high. Over 2 million infections and 40k death.
  • Nepal’s numbers are still high. New infections in the hundreds per day, but the govt is more concerned about other things. For example the official birthplace of the Hindu God Ram.
  • An 88 year old Tibetan woman who participated in Tibet’s uprising against Chinese invasion in the 50’s and spent therefore 27 years in prison, has now died. More here
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