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  • Arrests have been made in a Bangkok hotel after tiger pelts were found for trade.Tiger pelts for sale
  • More arrests in Cambodia where two rappers have been arrested after releasing songs that criticized the PM handling of the economy and the Coronavirus crisis.
  • A fugitive monk has been arrested in Thailand. The 53 year old monk killed another monk in a rice field, after a heated argument. A clear example of not having a peaceful and quiet mind!
  • A Canadian group has been designated terrorists by the Vietnamese govt. They were planning to overthrow the govt. in a violent way.
  • A Vietnamese court sentenced three freelance journalists to between 11 – 15 years in prison for criticism of the govt. In Vietnam that is called spreading anti state propaganda.
  • At a Pattaya hotel were arrests at gambling den. Spread over two hotel rooms were decks of cards, gambling tables and chips found together with (who else) 14 Chinese besides the Cambodian, Singaporean and 5 Thais.Fake condoms sold in Vietnam
  • The Vietnamese who had a business in selling fake condoms and lubes have been sentenced between 3 – 8 years.

Arrests / Deaths

  • Number of arrests recently of undocumented immigrants is on the rise in Ho Chi Minh City.More arrests in Vietnam where over 31,000 illegal entrants were caught during 2020. Of this number there were 25,000 from China.
  • Number of arrests recently of undocumented immigrants is on the rise in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • In the Philippines the chance to an arrest could be as high as being killed. A female doctor who was in the front line in the fight against the pandemic has been shot to death with her husband. The reason: she lived on a central island, Negros, which has been targeted by the govt. as they are said to be critics of the govt.
  • The British backpacker girl who went missing at Koh Rong island, Cambodia and found floating near Thailand might have been victim of a date-rape drug, according to new UK evidence. Not something impossible when you know that the island is known as a mafia island.Dying to work in Korea
  • 283 Thais died in South Korea between 2015 – 2018. Around 460k Thais work abroad legally and illegally. In Korea they can earn some 33.000 baht a month which is triple of what they can earn in Thailand. The nondocumented workers are named little ghosts because of the lack of access to protection and healthcare.

COVID-19 related

  • Very expensive quarantene foodAfter 4 months the odd-even rule for traffic in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been lifted.
  • Thailand’s latest COVID outbreak has raised their total numbers to around 11,000 now.
  • The mandatory quarantine in Cambodia is seen as a lucky draw. The offered food that can normally be bought outside for $2.50 but cost in quarantine $30 per day.
  • Kathmandu tourism area Thamel has some 100 nightlife businesses that employ some 30,000 people. From those some 60% was laid off after lockdown. According to a council’s report Thamel had around 10.000 businesses in around 2000 houses (?). Over 700 businesses have been closed due to the virus outcome. Now finally bars are open again, but not later than 11 pm. A result of that is that police started again with drunk-driving tests, which can be very risky with spreading the virus.Odd-even rule for traffic lifted in Nepal
  • Downloading of Mor Chana covid contact tracing app in Thailand seems to be mandatory, although confusion was surrounding this.
  • 32 mil. Vietnamese workers aged 15 or above lost their jobs or had to deal with reduced hours due to the virus.
  • Indonesia’s Muslim clerics have declared the Chinese COVID vaccine halal.
  • The association of Thai travel agents encourages the govt to allow vaccinated visitors from the third quarter this year.


  • 5G mandatory in Vietnam from july 2021It was about time again. Two undersea cables broke down and disrupts Vietnam’s internet service once again. Netflix is at its peak hours in the evening no longer working properly, although the authorities or companies involved say that the speed is still 46 MB per second.
  • 5G compatibility will become mandatory in Vietnam on cell phones from July.
  • Personal data of some 300,000 Vietnamese is offered on a cyber hacking forum called Raidforum.

Other News

  • The world’s loneliest elephant, Kaavan, moved from Pakistan to Cambodia and has adapted quickly.
  • Cambodia moved up in the human development index. The gross national income per capita increased to $4246 in 2019.
  • A Buddha Air plane flew the wrong direction for 255 km and ended up in Pokhara instead of Janakpur. The 69 passengers had a surprise when stepping out.Buddha Air flying to wrong destination
  • The US will give Vietnam $170 mil. for war relief efforts. Of this $14.5 mil. is for health and disability programs as a result of the agent orange that was used during the war.
  • Thailand is finally closing in on a abortion bill in parliament.
  • Kathmandu air pollution soared to record levels and made it (at least temporarily) the most polluted in the world.
  • The air pollution of Hanoi isn’t much better than that of Kathmandu. Large scale industry and construction are named as sources.
  • Kathmandu #1 polluted city in the worldA Cambodian crackdown on big motorcycles has been suspended for now. The crackdown was ordered because of the noise they make and the speed they often go. A typical Asian thing not to arrest the few bad apples but to let the good people suffer under the few bad ones. Motorcyclists are wondering how it can be too noisy while there isn’t even a guideline of max decibels produced. More here: Crackdown on big motorcycles suspended – Khmer Times (


  • Over the past decade Vietnamese length grew with 3.7 cm for men and 2.6 cm for women.China builds a wall to keep their citizens in the country
  • China works on a border wall with Vietnam to keep its citizens in the country. Maybe they can build one around the whole of China and the world wouldn’t have experienced the coronavirus.
  • The strength of the Philippines passport is 77th. They can travel visa free to 66 destinations. Japan has for the 3rd year in a row the number one spot worldwide. In 2nd place is the Singapore passport and South Korea 3rd together with Germany. India ranks 85th on the passport index.
  • 500 tonnes of trash have been removed from the beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The Chinese trash that lived in the city, has been greatly moving out since the virus started.Cleaning beaches in Sihanouk, Cambodia
  • At the moment some 500 foreign language centers are operating without license or need to renew theirs in HCMC, Vietnam. Can you imagine the number of foreign teachers working (mostly without permits) and living until the virus hit.
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